Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Great Cornholio

This little dude right here man...

He keeps us in stitches!

This was him tonight - sprinting around the house on some "i don't wanna go to bed" fueled craziness...

We can't be the only ones who remember this character, right?

The Great Cornholio. Remember him?

He needs teepee for his... well... never-mind.

Let's just say... we live with him!

Never a dull moment with Z-Dogg...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

But No.... I Mean Are They REAL Brothers and Sisters?

"They are all just so adorable!" exclaimed the older lady as she sat down (uninvited) at our table in a restaurant and started staring at each one of the goofball gang who were sitting there coloring.

And that's when she said it.

"Are they brothers and sisters?"

Laura is so much better than I am at this. I wanted to push her uninvited self outta the booth on to the floor. But Laura just smiled and said "Yep!"

"But no..." the woman persisted. "I mean, are they REAL brothers and sisters?"


Why is this such a big thing for people?

Why is it so impossibly hard for some people to wrap their heads around this idea?

So much so that they are willing to ask total strangers very personal and probing questions RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR KIDS?

Is it because they truly don't understand it all?

Is it because the idea of loving somebody authentically and wholly is a foreign concept to them if they don't think they had control over making them?

Is it because they really believe that DNA carries a stronger bond than love?

Whatever it is - whatever strange thing it is inside that makes ya think it's okay to ask this question directly in front of my kids... guess what? It's wrong. You're wrong.

And here's a pro tip... stop asking that question of families that don't fit into your tiny mental box of what a family is.

Just stop it.

Have some respect for those kids you're staring at.

Because trust me - while just about all of us parents are more than willing to have in-depth conversations with people about adoption, how it works, how it's awesome, how it changed us, etc...

Just about every one of us is also more concerned with the hearts, souls and spirits of our children than we are with satisfying your insatiable curiosity.

Ya know what... these two here are real sisters too.

But nobody ever asks us about them with doubt and wonder in their voice as if to question their identities.

So don't do it about my kids.

Just... smile. High-five them. Tell us how incredibly blessed we are by our kids (we never tire of hearing that).

But whatever ya do - just stop questioning the authenticity of our family.


Monday, October 5, 2015


This right here.

Redemption just all up over this!

Never not amazing to me...

Thank you, God... for the work You have done in this little creation of Yours!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Their Love

They go at each other like cats and dogs...

But they love each other like brother and sister.

I love their relationship.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Great Color Hunt of 2015

So - this morning I hopped in the van with these three goofballs...

and this hottie here... to head out to search for some of the gorgeous colors of fall that these Colorado mountains are known for providing.

The internet poo-pooers were saying we were way too late.

But we take the colors of fall dead serious - and we were super set on seeing some!

And as we headed up over 10,000 feet - it did not take long to come across some bright awesomeness!

I mean - they were everywhere.

And sure... I guess if you're a Colorado Fall Aspen Color Expert (or Elitist) - maybe some of the leaves were down - but WHOA! - God makes some pretty awesome pictures out there!

We even came across a SASS-pen Grove, if ya know what I might be saying!

Soon enough we rounded a corner and we're looking down on the old gold mining town of Cripple Creek!

Pretty cool place in the middle of the mountains!

We drove through town and then headed towards one of the old mines...

Z-Dogg was real interested in the historical background of the area.

I think he wants to be a gold miner...

I absolutely LOVED today - seeing these guys loving His beauty like I do...

We even busted out the tripod and got a family pic - cuz we NEVER get these!

But this one here captured us a bit more accurately...

Great time today guys - loved every second of it!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Ooops! She Did It Again...

This girl right here... she never ceases to amaze me!

Last year - when Meron had the same teacher Mebbie has now - Meron hit like 100+ days on purple in the last few months of school.

And now it looks like Mebski Love might be giving her a run for her money! She has spent the first two months of the school year on purple!

And today- for the SECOND TIME in her short school career - we got to celebrate her for being chosen as "STUDENT OF THE MONTH"

Students of the month get to have a pancake breakfast and they get to invite a friend... you know who Mebbie invited!

And this little dude got to tag along too!

It was awesome listening to her teacher brag on her - and even though they aren't really supposed to pick kids who ve been student of the month before - her teacher said that even all the kids in the class agreed it should be Mebbie!

Mebbie - words can't even express how proud your entire family is of you.

Keep doing you, girl!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

What He Brings

This little dude right here... he keeps me in stitches!

He has brought a whole new dynamic to the sorority house I used to live in!

And I'm thankful for it - even if he is rocking a teeny tiny flower in his hair!

Super thankful for you Z-Dogg!