Monday, November 30, 2015

Are Those Sleigh Bells I Hear?

Tonight... we got festive!

With the snow o the ground and the chill in the air it felt like the right time to bust out the decorations, the tree and the Christmas tunes.

And the goofball gang was WAY into it!

Their giddy joy was super fun to watch!

At times the "giddy joy" spilled over in to the realm of "creepy elf" but still... it was fun (when it wasn't terrifying).

I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to spending the Christmas season with these guys. No school for me until mid-January so there's gonna be lots of hanging out with the goofballs for me!

We even busted out our very own "Elf On The Shelf" in preparation for Ralph's arrival tomorrow!

Seriously... we may need to start marketing a Z-Dogg On The Shelf.. cuz he's got it down pat!

Guys... I love this time of year and can't wait to celebrate Him with you over the next month!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

No Place Like...

After 15 hours of driving - including 57 white knuckle miles on 24 where the road could barely be made out...

We made it home to a beautiful nighttime snowfall!

And I know three sleepy heads who were PUMPED to see their girls!

These guys right here... they are traveling rock stars. 15 hours. ZERO complaints.

I can't wait til they can drive.

Thanks Mathis Family for a most excellent visit! We can't wait til next year!

Saturday, November 28, 2015


If you know Meron - then you know she LOVES dogs.

And I don't mean just our dogs... I mean ANY dog she lays her eyes on.

So when Fred came strolling through the door looking all kinds of cute...


And Fred was laying on it THICK!

"Daddy... can we get our own Fred?"


I had to look away - because Fred was putting a spell on me with his RIDICULOUS cuteness.

I almost said "Yes."

Fred... you're AWESOME!

Thanks for being so cool and letting us hang with ya for a bit!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Hey Ladies... Get Funky!

I wish we lived closer because these ladies certainly don't get to spend enough time with each other!

But I love that when they get together they fall right back in place with where they left off...

Cuz CRAZY knows CRAZY... that's for sure!

Love seeing you guys hang out, smile and have fun!

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Today - we sat down to think about some of the things we were thankful for.

Whew... this past year we've had a LOT to pick from for sure.

I love that our list included things like family, Jesus, a house, water, food and a bunch of people by name...

We're super thankful for a whole lot.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody...

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Furry Family

Our girls are some SERIOUS DOG LOVERS...

So when they saw their furry cousin Toby running around out back - they absolutely had to go get some time in with him!

I can't be 100% sure - but I think Toby had a good time!

I know these two did!

Thanks Toby - for being so awesome!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

We Made It!

15 hours after leaving the dogs in the trusted hands of our awesome house sitter and pulling outta the driveway - we rolled up on these guys and the goofballs were ALL hanging out together...

It'll be quick. It'll go fast. But it'll be fun.

But now... we sleep!