Monday, August 3, 2020

National Sisters Day

Today is National Sisters Day... recognized on the first Sunday in August it celebrates the unique bond between sisters. This particular set of siblings - SISTERS - embrace moments that make them laugh and cringe.

While they don’t always agree, sisters have each other’s backs.

That's the absolute truth!

I adore these two and their relationship! It's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

God knit their sisterhood together not through blood and wombs and parents - but through love and trust and faith and patience and the painful but beautifully redemptive process of adoption.

And EVERYBODY in this house is better for the way these sisters are!

And ya know what else is awesome about them?

They know, believe and fully understand this!

Stay awesome, you two amazing sisters!

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Never Not Nutty

This dude right here... he is never not nutty!

I mean never...

And also...

There's this. Always and forever.

Stay crazy, Z-Dogg... ya keep us all smiling!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Voracious Reader

Mebbie was outside doing some chalk art on the street when the Amazon dude rolled up on her and handed her the package...

She was so stoked!

This girl is a VORACIOUS reader and she was really hoping the package had her next book we had ordered...

And it was... not one but TWO of her next books... and she dove right in and started reading away!

Also... while we're talking about reading... read this!

Never stop jumping into books, Mebbie!

Friday, July 31, 2020

Why I Fight

Here are three of the BIGGEST reasons that I fight for the things I fight for.

I'd walk into fire for these guys.

And this is why I'll never, ever, ever stop.

Daddy has your back forever, guys! FOREVER!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020


Man... these guys just keep finding the best spots to go burn some "quarantine energy" off!

This little dude is quite the trailblazer!

And the dogs are loving it too (kind of... they sleep a lot more now!)

I mean how lucky are we?

Super easy to social distance ourselves out there!

Ya know what else we don't find out there when it's just us?



Even the trees and rocks know that!

Keep blazing those trails, guys!

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

It Was A Good Day...

Well that happened quickly...

One wash and my Father's Day Ice Cube shirt turned from comfy into a smedium - rendering it no longer wearable by me but PERFECTLY wearable by this girl...

I asked her to give me her toughest Cube scowl and this is what I got.

Cube wins.

Ya know why else Ice Cube wins? He HATES racism... cuz he fully understands THIS:

Always and forever.

Way to represent, Meron!

Monday, July 27, 2020

Play Well

Somebody turned in a "Daddy Coupon" from Christmas this weekend!

And he was STOKED about it!

The name "LEGO" is an abbreviation of the two Danish words "leg godt", meaning "play well."

And THAT we did!

We dove right in and got to work!

And pretty soon - things were starting to take shape!

Once we had them all done - we hit the mean streets of the 'hood to put the rubber on the pavement!

I think we both did a pretty good job...

And they were looking dope from every angle!

Pretty sure this dude was loving it!

And I KNOW this guy was... i loved spending time beside my main man at the table just building things!

And ya know what else we loved? The fact that these LEGO kits were racism-free because...


Never stop building, Z-Dogg!