Friday, September 22, 2017

He Can't See Me!!

Tonight - we were in separate cars as we headed to Meron's volleyball game - and after they all loaded up - Laura took a pic and sent it to me...

Z-Dogg - not being able to lean from his harnessed position behind Laura - yells out:

"Hey! Wait! He can't see me!"
And to resolve the situation - he does what anybody would do under these circumstances - and extends his arm/hand as far out as he could!

Forgive the grainy cellphone picture - but too funny not to record!

Way to work it Zechie!

I see you, Z-Dogg... I see you!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

"My Trip to Africa" by Mebbie

Tonight was the third grade spotlight at school and Mebbie was pretty pumped about it!

She had to make some tough choices to cut soccer practice short and miss the beginning of the school event - but we eventually made it there!

She was so excited to read me her narrative and show me the picture she drew to accompany it!

Her drawing went great with her story...

"My Trip to Africa" - by Mebbie

First, it took a long time to get to Africa. We had to take TWO planes! Next, when we got off the plane we went to a hotel place. Their food was so good, especially the eggs! They were nice and soft.

Then we went to an orphanage. It was fun because I met a really cute baby! She made my eyes light up!

After, I went to a school. It was so cool to see everybody learning. I loved to see them so happy because it made me smile.

Finally, now we have a school in Africa and it is called "Brighton Academy of Excellence!"
I absolutely love that Brighton Academy is in her thoughts and high enough on her list to make it to her first narrative story!

This girl is so creative, so thoughtful, so caring...

And I was blessed to spend the night with her at school seeing what she's up to.

It was like catching a glimpse of a future world changer at work!

Protect your heart Mebbie and stay AWESOME!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

On The Grow

This little man right here is ON THE GROW!

And it's moving too fast for me!

Tonight he showed me a pretty detailed drawing he made of a sinking boat with him thrashing around in the water being eaten by a shark.


But pretty darn good for the Z-Man!

Then he showed me how he could write out his FULL name!


Super proud of my little learner!

Z-Dogg... you keep learning and keep growing buddy and you're gonna change the world some day!

Keep growing Z-Dogg... (but not too fast!)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ethiopian Fast Action Racing Team (E-FART)

The Fall Landsharks Cross Country season is under way and that can only mean one thing...

E-FART is back together!

E-Fart is the "Ethiopian Fast Action Racing Team" - a name Meron came up with for her and the goofballs as they run!

And all three of them are out there this year!

I'm so proud of them and how hard they practice and keep at it...

And this girl here!

This girl came in 2nd place out of ALL girls from 2nd to 6th grade!

Get 'er done Mebbie... GET 'ER DONE!

Stay fast, e-FART!

Monday, September 18, 2017

One Cool Kitty

That's what she is... one cool kitty!

And she knows it too!

Stay cool, Mebbie... STAY COOL!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Her Too

Not to be outdone by her brother and sister...

Meron got in on the "Granny's Crazy Teeth" craze too!

Who would have thought that some rubber teeth could bring so much joy?!?!

Looking good Meron... looking GOOD!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Apple Picking Fun!

A litte apple picking fun - all in pictures!

Pick 'Em All!