Saturday, May 27, 2017

My Crew

This crew right here is loved dearly!

These guys would roll in to ANY situation with me and I with them!

Our plan is to roll in to Summer hard and have as much fun and together time as we can!

They've earned this summer vacation this year for real...

They worked so hard all school year long - balancing education with being a bright light for Him every single day.

I may be a little bit biased - but I think they did an AMAZING job!

Guys - here's to an awesome Summer for us all!

Friday, May 26, 2017

How Many Times Around, Daddy?

"How many times around the cul de sac makes a mile, daddy?"

That was the question Meron asked me out of curiosity - so we strapped my Garmin GPS watch on her and had her walk one complete lap.

It came in at .05 around - so 20 laps to get a mile!

Mebbie heard this - ran inside to get her "phone" and said "I'm gonna run a timed mile!"

And off she went!

She had a brother sister cheer squad going and they were keeping count of her laps for her too!

In typical Colorado fashion -it rained on her...

And the sun came out all hot too!

On the last lap - big Sis hopped in and ran with her too to keep her encouraged!

The girl LOVES running!

And her big sis loves supporting her... i see a "coach-athlete" thing developing in the future maybe!

Keep running Mebbie!

You inspire your whole family!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Swimming Pool... Hair We Come!

Today was the last day of school... and you know what that means.

The pool opens this weekend!

And you know what THAT means...

It's "Get the hair ready for the summer of swimming" time!

It ain't all fun and games - that's for sure!

But this mommy right here puts in work to make it happen!

And we even managed to get a smile or two during it!

Alright Summer... bring on the pool!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

With All His Might!

This little dude was busy slinging rocks and had NO IDEA I was watching him all along...

I mean my man was CHUNKING 'em - tossing 'em so hard he was coming up off the ground.

He was throwing them with all of his might!

He threw 'em so hard it knocked him right off his feet!


That's when he realized I was watching him!

Good for, Z-Dogg! Good form...

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rare Moment!

You know how it goes with multiple kids... ya rarely get pics with just one of them!

That's why I jumped at the chance to snap this one before oodles of of others came running into the frame...

Man - this girl here - she looks up to and loves her mommy with a passion.

And that Mommy loves her girl fiercely.

And I love 'em both!

Stay beautiful ladies!!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Any place. Any time.

I was sitting at my desk in the office when i got a text from Laura (from the kitchen) that simply read:

"Look at Meron."
I leaned back in my chair and this is what I saw!

I had to inspect closer and sure enough - GIRL WAS OUT COLD!

She has always had the ability to fall asleep at any given moment in any given spot...

And she was still recovering from her first sleepover where they stayed up til 1:00 AM!

Using her best buddy as a pillow - she was catching some ZZZZZZ's wherever she could before dinner!

This girls always keeps me smiling!

Rest up Meron!!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

And Then This Happened...

This girl here went to her very first sleepover this weekend!


My daddy heart shed a teeny tiny little tear because it was the same night as the Daddy-Daughter Dance. She chose the sleepover - and honestly - after seeing how excited and happy she was - I was happy for her!

It also gave me and Mebbie some one-on-one time at the dance which we rarely get.

But then tonight - I heard that Meron said:

"I wish i had gone to the dance with Daddy..."

And my daddy heart smiled a little bit... she will always be my daddy's girl!

Lord willing we'll have many more opportunities Meron!

Now you stop growing up!!