Thursday, August 21, 2014

Glimpsing God

Ya ever feel like ya catch a glimpse of God here on earth?

When I watch this precious, adorable creation of His at work and play - I see that sometimes.

She embodies Him.

Oh, don't get me wrong - she is a 5 year old by definition. Learning, pushing boundaries, being crazy...

But her heart. Wow. Her heart...

And little Z-Dogg... he knows it man. and he stays close by her side.

Mebski Love... I am a better me because you are you.

I love you big girl...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In The Pool After School

School uniforms and all - in the deep end...

Cuz that's just how we roll!

And... well - we also got challenged for that ice bucket thing - so there was that part too!

Good times... GOOD TIMES!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Guard Your Grill

I dunno who he was getting ready to tussle with - but my man was READY!

Shirt outta the way... knuckles popped... you are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge.

Pretty sure he was about to take on bedtime.

Guess what?


Monday, August 18, 2014

Fire Marshal Z

Recently Z-Dogg got to make a big phat visit to a local fire station... and my man was on top of the world!

Our neighbor Chris is like an EMS extraordinaire and he invited Zechie down for a visit and showed him around the place...

Z got to do a little bit of everything - like rock the communication headphones...

And fit his head into a helmet that was surprisingly larger than his noggin...

He got to take up shop in the cab...

and even pretend he was the driver!

He checked out the back of an ambulance to see where all the action goes down!

And "rode" the back bumper while sporting a gigantic badge...

before unrolling that firehose and striking a "firefighter" pose!

He even got to cry his eyes out when leaving!

Thanks Chris for giving Z-Dogg a super fun time while he explored future occupation choices!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Handy Manny Zechie

Z-Dogg has been watching a lot of Handy Manny lately...

And it shows!

I walked up on him the other day - tools in hand - underneath our bar stools - putting in work!

He knew right where to put the wrench and everything - he was getting it done!

Alright Z - it's on... you get to put together the next two stools!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Celebrate Good Times... Come On!

Kool and The Gang said it best when they said "We gonna celebrate and have a good time..."

And that's what today was - a celebration of Mebbie Day - the day our family grew in an amazing way!

Where'd we start?

Miniature Golf of course!

Mebbie was loving it!

As were her brother and sister - but how could you not when your backdrop includes those mountains!

Little Z-Dogg even scored a hole in one!

After that it was home - swimming for 3+ hours and then out to eat to do it up right for our girl...

Complete with her choice of dessert!

Mebbie - we LOVED celebrating with you!

This family is who we are because of the influence you have on us.

WE LOVE YOU GIRL and look forward to celebrating so many more of these with you!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Breaking It In...

Since we moved in here our downstairs has been an open playing field. Toys everywhere, a TV and just wide open space...

Which is great when, say, ya got a flag football team coming to crash but not so great when maybe ya just wanna chill and watch some TV.

We changed the landscape tonight with the addition of a couch down there!

And the girls were more than pumped to offer up their services at breaking it in for a downstairs movie night!

Enjoy it girls!

Movie night just took on a whole new comfort level!