Thursday, January 29, 2015

Her Inner Goofball

95% of the time - Mebski Love is the quintessential middle child.

Content to go off by herself - playing or drawing from hours on end - coming back later to show me her work.

But tonight... tonight she came in to my office and said:

"Look daddy! High pants!"
And then busted this insane dance.

And I couldn't stop smiling.

She IS goofy way down in there - just living life in the shadow of her boisterous big sister.

Stay crazy Mebbie - and let the goofy out more often!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

40 Never Looked Hotter!

Tonight - we celebrated the 40 years of life that God has given to this Hot lady...

The goofball gang HATES when I say that (so I say it often...)!

From Starbucks cards...

to all kinds of handpicked goodies...

We all tried to spoil mommy!

Of course - I had to include a rhyme for her...

there's this girl that I know, the best girl that I know,
my best friend on this planet for 15 years or so,

and today is her day cuz today - dare I say?
Yes today she is having her 40th birthday;

And 40 can be scary if you're not prepared,
But this girl, she's on point so I know she ain't scared;

She's fit and she's healthy, she's mentally wealthy,
40 barely found her - she's older age stealthy;

she's fine and she's hot and I tell her a lot,
And the kids think we're crazy - I can't say we're not;

But we've had lots of fun in the things that we've done,
Yeah God has been crazy - it's been quite a run;

To watch this girl grow and become better with age,
Is a privilege - I'm blessed to with her share the stage;

And to watch God in her and her story unfold,
As she gave it to Him, living life uncontrolled,

Has been without a doubt the best years of my life,
I'm a much better man cuz of my much better wife;

And her love for her kids - yes HER kids - that God gave her
Is so strong - I'll be honest I know no one braver;

She's my heart, she's my soul, she's my silly old fool,
She turned 40 today so I guess she's "old school"

She's destroyed old age like its name was Gomorrah,
So today - we all celebrate the life of our Laura!

I think her favorite gift of all though - was having her mom here to celebrate with her!

Laura - this crew adores you - we're blessed by you and we can't wait to celebrate 40 more years together with you!

Thank You God - for making the best wife, mommy and friend EVER!

Christian Bullies

Does this girl look like a bully to you?

Yeah - me either.

Not too long ago though - some girl I knew light years ago in a tiny town during like elementary school - let's just call her "Julie" - called my kids "Christian Bullies."

Some QUICK back story - Julie had reached out to me a few years ago - moved by Brighton's story - and full of questions about God, asking me for prayer for her and her marriage - like deep intense stuff like "Can God forgive me for cheating?" and so on and so on...

Bear in mind - I hadn't spoken to her in like 30 years or something.

But I happily prayed for her - tried to be cordial and always answer when she messaged. She even rallied her church to support Brighton Their World financially - and that was incredibly kind and humbling.

But then... then I had to go and write my "Dear Church" series.

Wow. She was NOT a fan of that.

What took place next was a series of interactions that culminated in Julie calling my kids "Christian Bullies."

I thought about it a lot. It bothered me. I prayed about it - and it went away. But this week - Mebbie brought me a few drawings she had done.

Like this one:

It says (translated):

"Now, some people think the bible is a book of rules. They are wrong, it is about Jesus!
And it got me thinking... I guess maybe she was bullying me?

And then she came a few days later with this one:

This one says (translated):
"Pray always because He is with you Daddy"
And that's when it hit me.

Look whats tucked away in their hearts!

I never really believed anything Julie said to me about me, my family or my kids.

But satan tried to whisper in my ear that we were wrong or we were so different or our kids were TOO CHRISTIAN.

Ya know what satan? We're not. We're not any of that.

And thanks Julie - for giving me an opportunity to reflect on our goofball gang and allowing God to open my eyes to just how incredibly precious and special they are.

If that's bullying - I'll take it all day, every day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My Posse

These are my people right here man.

My posse.

We roll deep and always got each others backs!

Each one with unique characteristics...

Bringing their awesomeness to the table...

So that all together...

We can form like Voltron!

Love these guys so much.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Blizzard Fun

What do you do when your friends in the Northeast are expecting 4 feet of snow and gale force winds?

Well - you roll your bike out in to the 65 degree January sunshine of Colorado... that's what!

And ya hop on and ride that bad boy!

That's how ya support your blizzard friends!

I mean... because... seriously... this!

This requires outside time...

And... they're saying it may snow on Saturday again...

So we'll take it while we can!

All under the watchful eye of big sis...

Stay safe New York and neighbors... your sunshine is coming soon I'm sure...

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Big Sister Love

From the very beginning - from day one - Meron took on the role of "Big Sister Protector."

She has always been quick to slide in - grab a hand of her little sister (or brother now) and just be there for them...

And she's a hugger. Arm always around them - holding 'em tight...

Just knowing where they are.

Tonight - we went on a pretty hefty walk through the neighborhood.

The girls were ahead - like they like to be - and we were almost home when I looked up to see this:

Some things don't change - they just grow stronger.

I am STILL smiling over the amount of love they have for each other.

Lord - let it never weaken - only strengthen with time.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Goofballs

While this long, lean adorable goofball headed off to ballet today with mommy and granny...

I got to hang with these two Hoffmaniacs!

I am really loving watching the skills, talents and gifts that God has woven in to the very DNA of each of these buggers come to life...

And I gotta tell ya... I love each of these goofballs...

so uniquely and incredibly much.

Thank you God - for the joy and happiness you have brought in to our lives through these little souls You breathed life in to.

Thanks isn't enough.