Friday, September 13, 2019

Hair Do or Hair Don't?

That's the face of a mommy who will do whatever for her girls!

Mebbie LOVES to do hair - and she loves trying out new and crazy things to see if it ends up being a...

Hair DO or a DON'T!

This one here may be a little more on the "don't" side of things!

But no matter which category the style ends up being in - one thing is for sure - these two have fun hanging out with each other!

Keep doing the 'dos Mebbie!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

One of My Biggest Fans

This girl here has no idea how her loves fuels me... she is easily one of my biggest fans on the planet!

And the coolest part is - it's not something that she sets out to do - it's just who she is and how she loves!

She calls me often - in the morning before anybody else is up and I'm at the gym - just to check on me and say "Hi, daddy!"

Her love is not lost on me.

Quite the contrary... it's cherished by me.

It makes me want to be better at just about everything - but mostly at loving others.

Thank you, Meron... for loving me the way you do!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Super Dooper Sister Skills

Z-Dogg absolutely adores his big sis Mebbie...

And why wouldn't he?

The girl has some seriously Super Dooper Sister Skills and she doesn't shy away from using them!

Oh - hear me - he knows how to drive her nuts and does it sometimes - but typically - these two are playing together, laughing together, goofing around and being the best of friends.

I see you Mebbie... and so does Zechie!

We all do!

Mebski Love doing "big sister" right!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Rising Above

Middle School... what happened to reading, writing and arithmetic?

It all seems to have been replaced by gossip, lies, mean girls, betrayal, friends as currency and hurting others for sport!

Today was a particularly challenging day for my little Daddy's Girl... and I knew she was hurting - even if her tough girl persona didn't show it.

And I hate seeing my little girl hurt by others.

Especially because she is a GOOD GOOD human...

The girl manages to take the high road so often... and honestly - I learn a ton from her.

One post-volleyball mid parking lot hug and some flowers to cheer her up and remind her Who she belongs to and where her identity is...

And she was back to her smiling self.

Middle school is vicious - make it shine brighter, Meron!

Monday, September 9, 2019

This Little Piggie Went to Market

Sometimes I forget and maybe even take for granted some of the cool stuff that goes down right here in our neighborhood.

Like the annual "Pig Roast" that one of the main builders puts on every year in the park right across the street from us.

It's free lunch like literally 40 steps away!

And while Laura would tell ya "It ain't no North Carolina BBQ..."

It was still pretty darn good!

We snuck off to the Ranch House to eat away from the sun and I snapped a quick picture while Meron was thanking God for our food!

I love that nobody in this crew is hesitant or shy about praising Him and thanking Him!

Grateful for this crew...

Sunday, September 8, 2019

A Twisted and Painful Beginning...

Mebbie's competitive soccer league season kicked off this weekend - with a double header against a local middle school team!

And she was STOKED!

And when that first game started - she was on the move!

She was hustling like a maniac and ALMOST scored within the first few minutes...

But then...

She decided to try and catch a super hard kick with her teeth as she took a ball to the head!

It dropped her SUPER HARD and she rolled her ankle on the way down.

It took a lot of willpower to stay seated on the sidelines and let her team tend to her... but I did it!

A quick run to the convenience store by me and Meron later and our girl was chilling in the tent on the sidelines with her foot on ice...

Needless to say - she missed the rest of that game and the second one too... and she was bummed.

She's already up and moving on it - and she's gonna be fine.

Next week they have a bye so she has even more time to recoup.

Injuries.. they're just part of the game.

Hang in there, Mebski Love - you'll come back even stronger!

Saturday, September 7, 2019

6 Years of the Z-Dogg!

It seems like yesterday that I was in a transition home in Ethiopia trying to win over a shy little dude - and at the same time - it feels like he's been in my life forever!

Either way - today we celebrated Zechie Day in a big way because it was...

6 Years of the Z-Dogg being a huge part of our family!

I always share this picture because it really might be my very favorite family picture of us ever.

It's the first time our entire family was all together!

And - you know the drill - here's Z-Dogg's homecoming video - that we watch every year and shed happy tears over our little family all coming together!

Zechie... your name's meaning is real - and you are the proof that God DOES remember - and He remembered our heart's desires for a boy - and He gifted us with YOU!

You've brought so much love, joy, happiness and humor to our lives Z-dogg! We love you more than you'll ever know!

Happy Zechie Day, homie!!