Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Return of Z-Elf

Have ya heard?

This crazy little dude is back!

Come join us on social media (Facebook and Instagram) as we watch the second edition of this story be written!

He's a crazy little elf - that's for sure...

ALWAYS getting in to something!

Always rocking his trademark smile...

And keeping the goofballs in awe of him every single day!

So come play along and get a daily dose of festive joy til our little guy leaves us again!

"The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear."

A close second is showing up daily as a real life elf!!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

A shoot will jump from the stump of Jesse...

The Jesse Tree... it's one of our very favorite traditions at Christmas time!

Years ago our good friends gave us handmade ornaments that get hung every day as we red scripture that walks us through the story of Jesus from beginning to the Christmas story.

And then a few years ago - I rhymed out each day in hopes that the scriptures would stick with the goofballs!

I dunno how well that is going - but we sure love reading the rhymes, discussing the bible and hanging the ornaments on their own "Jesse Tree" as visual reminders of what we're celebrating!

I may be partial - but I think the rhymes are pretty fun!

The goofballs love to look at the graphics and this year they're even reading some of them to us all...

I LOVE trying to weave scripture into the hearts of our crew... it's my absolute favorite job in life.

I shared out the rhymes in digital format this year - but next year - we're thinking about printing and binding them to sell as a Brighton Their World fundraiser!

Would anybody actually buy those?

"And there - in that town - through a young baby's birth,
God's plan unfolded for how He'd save the whole Earth."

Friday, December 2, 2016

Family Dabs and Rolling Five Deep

I love this picture SO MUCH.

Not because we're just being goofy and dabbing together - I mean there IS that... but what I love is that it represents us to the fullest.


And I never, ever, ever, EVER want that to change.

We talked about that a bit tonight after we all circled up BIG TIME to help Meron face down a real live fear of hers.

This sweet girl right here has a REAL LIVE PHOBIA of needles.

It's intense, its unfounded, it's irrational... but it's a REAL fear.

And today - she had to have a blood draw for some tests - her first blood draw since she was about 8 months old.

And she was terrified.

So here's what we did.

I left work early and pulled into the parking lot of the lab to find Meron peering out the front door - waiting for me.

She grabbed my hand TIGHT when I got there and walked me in - I could tell she was trying hard not to be nervous.

When she got in that chair and the nurse brought out the rubber band tourniquet - it all broke loose.

Big tears. Trembling. Hyperventilating.


"Why? Why? Don't let her do it... don't let her do it..."
And that's when Family Force 5 kicked in.

We circled up tight... Z-Dogg in the middle and he said: "It's okay Meron - just a tiny pinch..."

Mebbie was praying, mommy and I were holding her...

I grabbed her cheeks and forced her to look straight at me - we started talking about what movie we'd watch for movie night and then...


The needle was in and the blood was flowing.

She calmed down.

She started breathing.

She actually WATCHED the blood tubes fill up.

And she SMILED.

Afterwards we hit Starbucks for some much deserved treats.

As we were chatting about it - both Mebbie and Zechie said "I almost started crying!"

I told them me too - and explained empathy to them. That feeling what their sister was feeling and not being cynical or snarky but rather being loving and feeling her feelings with her was a real sign of Jesus in their hearts.

This... this is what I want for my family above all else.

Circling up the wagons when our crew needs us and never leaving a team member alone or behind.

Meron... I know you felt loved, supported and protected today.

And that's EXACTLY how we want things to always feel!

We've got your back forever!

Thursday, December 1, 2016


No little series on "family thankfulness" would be complete without me talking about Brighton.

That little kid right there... he saved my life.

He broke my heart.

He brought forth emotions I didn't even know existed.

He took me right up to the very edge of God and then tipped me over into Him.

He lived for 76 days. Just 76 short days...

But I'll spend the rest of my days telling anybody who will listen about him and what God has done through him.

I do something I very rarely do when it comes to this little guy...

I run out of words.

Brighton - I hope you know how much you are loved - how much change you brought about - and how much we can't wait to hold you...

Daddy is beyond grateful for you Brighton!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

First 100

We headed back up to the new Chick Fil A tonight for one more celebration before the big grand opening...

It was to check out those crazy "FIRST 100" folks!

These are the guys who get in line for the doors grand opening WAY EARLY - and the first 100 in get Chick Fil A for year!


Meron was kinda stunned by it all... "Wait... they sleep here?"

Yep - and it was gonna be SUPER cold too!

Didn't stop these guys!

And Chick Fil A makes it super fun too - giving them treats, drinks - they even hired a DJ for a while who set up and just threw a big ole dance party!

At one point Meron even got in on a lip sync contest and sang one of her favorite songs out there!

We even got to meet Dan Cathy - CEO of Chick Fil A - and share a wee bit about Brighton Their World and what we're trying to do in this world.

He was super kind to us and the kids and totally just a down to earth normal kind of guy.

Thanks so much Trace and Akayla for inviting us in to your incredibly special day.

If you're local - head up there tomorrow for the GRAND OPENING - and bring some powdered formula or diapers if ya wanna help us fill some bellies and cover some booties! We'll be there on and off throughout the day!


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thankful: Z-DOGG

Well - we can't talk about being thankful without talking about my main man Z-Dogg!

This little dude came along and was my saving grace when I was living solo in a sorority house!

His laugh, his smile, his deep, deep love for his entire family...

All things I LOVE and am so thankful for!

Zechie - there's a reason God is God... He knows what He's doing when He's doing it - and bringing you into our lives is one of those things!

Z-Dogg... daddy is beyond thankful for who you are!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Premiere Night

What an incredible honor we had tonight to be part of the "Premiere Night" for the newest Chick Fil A opening up in Colorado Springs (North Gate Chick Fil A)!

We got to hang out in the store before it's even opened up to the public yet...

Go on some super fun "backstage tours" to see how it all works...

and chow down on all kinds of free food courtesy of our friends Trace and Akayla - the operators of the new store!

Then - they even gave us a microphone and let us share a little bit about the story God has been writing through Brighton's short but HUGE life...

These guys are so awesome - they are letting us be part of this amazing time of their lives by collecting formula and diapers for Brighton Their World on their grand opening day this coming Thursday!

And then - they asked us to say the blessing over the store and the meal for the night - and we LOVE to pray for things like this - so we Camp Hoffman tag teamed it up and prayed for their ministry to be wildly successful and bring a ton of glory to Him!


We even made the grand opening wall...

And got to hang out with some incredibly awesome people that have shown so much love and support to our family and Brighton Their World!

Guys... we are so grateful for your love and s humbled to be chosen to be part of such an incredible event and tie in your life!

If you're in Colorado Springs - come on out Thursday and say "hi" while chowing on some chicken!

Or if you're REALLY crazy - go stand in that line Wednesday night to be one of the first 100 and take a shot at free Chick Fil A for a year!

See ya Thursday!

It just takes a little - to change a lot!