Thursday, February 22, 2007

End of Paperwork!

Praise Jesus! Our China paperwork is done! I truly have tears in my eyes right now! Tymm turned the final document in today. In about 9 days it will be FedEx'ed to China. China will then take approximately 4-6 weeks to log us in. Then we will have an official "logged in date" aka "LID". This is the date you go by when they match you will your baby.

They are currently matching those with an October 2005 log in date.

As Tymm says it, we are now in our 2nd trimester! And I haven't gained one pound!!

Love and thanks to you all for your support and prayers during this "paperchasing" time.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Govt. Offices, Chains & Parking

So today I spent a good portion of the day driving. What else is new in metro-Atlanta, right? I started my sunshiney Monday off standing in line at the post office. Why were all of these people at the post office on a Monday morning at 8:30 AM? Weird. Well, I was there too so maybe "weird" applies to me as well.

Typical of how things have been going for us, a lady came and plucked me out of the line and said "I can take you over here at the store." Thank you nice lady. Pretty cool. I was content with waiting but I was more content with not waiting - so she made me happy.

One money order and a pre-paid Overnight Express USPS envelope later and I was off to the CCAI office. I met with the amazing Jaime and we "checked in" our dossier - everything expect for the 797 which still needed to be sealed. After she helped me pick out the photos to use (avoiding the one where I looked "startled") we checked in all of the documents. It was official - our dossier was out of our hands and in to the trustworthy hands of CCAI. Man, that feels really - really good.

Now it was back on the road and head to GA Tech. I picked up Laura, aka Jackie Bauer (she's in love with 24 now - rock on!), and we headed downtown to find the county clerk's office. It was at this point that sweaty palms, fingernail sensitivity, pelvic discomfort, and heart palpitations set in. Why? Because parking in Atlanta STINKS thats why. Now I know why i work from home. Very rarely can I not find parking space in my own driveway. We finally found some parking and after a long out of the way walk led by our friendly tour guide Tymm (which was just a ploy to spend more time with Jackie Bauer) we made it to the court house - only to be told that my wallet wasn't allowed in. The chain that keeps my wallet from slipping out of my pocket while riding the motorcycle is apparently considered dangerous. So there I stood with my letter from Homeland Security clearing me to bring a foreign child in to my heart, home and country but my wallet wasn't allowed in the courthouse. It kinda struck me as funny.

So my wallet got to hang out with the nice security guards out front while we went inside. $2 and one rubber stamp later we were on our way to the Secretary of State's office (after I reclaimed my wallet). After a trip back to the car to get Laura's license so she could get in to the building, we made it to the 11th floor to get that final state seal we needed. $10, a cover letter and a fancy blue folder later and we were done for the day!

I dropped Jackie Bauer (Laura) back at CTU (GA Tech) so she could continue to fight crime (coordinate classes) and I continued my journey on to the UPS store. 3 sets of copies had to be made - no problem once I got the stupid machine to recognize the paper as 8.5x11 instead of A4. I don't even know what A4 means. Sounds like BattleShip. Got everything the way it needed to be (these consulates are pretty particular) and paid for the next day delivery. The pleasant young lady at the counter assured me "it's there tomorrow or your shipping charges are refunded." Well guess what UPS - I'll be watching you. We're watching all the pennies these days - so I'll be watching you and hoping for a flat tire on that brown truck.

So that's where we stand. Our package is GUARANTEED to be at the Houston Consulate by 3:00 PM tomorrow. As soon as it is back I make a few more copies and turn it in to CCAI - and at that point our dossier is 100% out of our hands and in to the critical review process.

Friday, February 9, 2007

2 Hours Later

Okay - so now I feel bad about that little "Thanks GA" comment I made down there - because when I ran down to the mailbox today - guess what was there? That's right - a non-descript plain white envelope from the Homeland Security office with our coveted 797 form!! WooHoo!! Monday I will run that sucker to the offices it needs to go to here in GA and we'll get it shipped out to Houston!!

China Dossier Done (minus the 171)

Wow - we are going to be turning in our Dossier to CCAI next Tuesday - minus the 171H (Thanks GA - we love ya). It's a little overwhleming to think about tracking all that paperwork down and getting it all sealed - but it feels really good to be getting ready to hand that part off. Check out the package below...