Friday, June 1, 2007

First Friday Update

Well what do you know? People do actually come to this site and read it to get updates on our adoption process - well, I should say "try" and get updates. Yes, it's true. I have been one terrible slacker of a maintenance guy for this website. I am hereby publicly declaring that I will be trying much harder to keep this site rolling with some semblance of regular updates.

So, with that in mind - let me start anew right now. Tonight we went to a monthly meeting called First Friday - held at Dan & Susan Chapman's house. Dan & Susan are a couple that actually go to the same church as us and have adopted a little girl from China. They so graciously open their home on the first friday of every month and host a support group of sorts for anyone in the China adoption process - from folks about to travel to folks who are just considering an adoption from China.

Tonight's meeting was great as usual. It's a pretty informal get together where we can talk with others who are dealing with the same issues we are and get some encouragement, inspiration and confidence from other folks in the same boat. Tonight we went around and reintroduced ourselves and told where we were in the process. I say "we" but Laura did the talking - she's the PR person for us on this journey. I just do the writing.

One couple is just about to travel in the next 3 weeks or so. That is an exciting place to be and I can not wait for that time to come - in the meantime we will use this wait as a positive time in our lives. We will never have these 2 years again and we both want to make sure and make the most out of this time God has given us before our baby comes home.

There were plenty of good stories and plenty of things we need to pray about with one couple stuck in the review room - I can only imagine what it must be like to make it that far, to be that close and then to hit a hurdle like the review room needing more info. But all of this stuff is in God's hands right now and even though we want it on our timeline we really know it isn't within our control.

Another couple was just recently back and they had their daughter with them tonight - she was adorable. She could wave like crazy and gave great high-fives. If you know me, I am all about the high-fives so I was first in line. When I saw her and saw how perfect she was, I can't help but imagine Laura and I with our new addition to the family. This couple was so happy and so proud of their child - it was great for us to see them and to see their joy.

As usual, I left First Friday feeling rejuvenated - pumped back up about this seemingly never-ending wait we have ahead of us. God bless the Chapman's for doing what they do - when we can leave and feel a little more inspired, a little less alone and a little more comforted than we did coming in - than you know that it is a good thing they are doing. I look forward to the stories & encouragement from our next meeting.

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