Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cute and Tiny!

The first friday of August came and went - and we didn't make it to our First Friday Adoption Get-Together. It was just one of those weeks - actually, it may have been the most hectic week of the year for us. When Friday came, we just kinda passed out. We did, however, have our own little First Friday event as we watched the National Geographic Special called "China's Lost Girls" on DVD. What a great DVD - it really gave us a wonderful perspective and insight into the process and what goes on from the other side - helped me to remember this isn't all about me.

I wanna share something with you that I thought was really cool. My nephew, who is going in to the 4th grade, is one cool guy. Check this story out. Apparently, when he has trouble falling asleep at night he asks my sister to give him something to think about so he can ponder that thought and make himself sleepy. Well, I guess one night he had been thinking about his soon-to-be cousin from China and asked his mom what he or she was going to look like. My sister said, "Your cousin will be cute and tiny."

Well - my nephew thought that was great - so much so that almost every night now when he is going to sleep he makes my sister tell him again what his cousin from China is going to look like.

"Say it mommy - say she's going to be cute and tiny - say it," says my nephew.

"She's going to be cute and tiny" - (sigh) - "now go to sleep!" says my sister.

I just thought it was funny. But ya know what - he is right on - his new cousin is going to be cute and tiny. And you know what else? He isn't the only one thinking about that every night before he goes to sleep.

Thanks for the smile Will.