Monday, October 1, 2007

Agency Visit

Okay, so it is finally time for me to write my very first blog entry! So last Thursday my dear friend, Mareba and I went over to our Ethiopian agency's office to official turn in all but one of the dossier documents! YEA!

Mareba was one of our personal references and she wrote a letter for us and needed to have it notarized while we were there....that was an excuse I came up with to get her to go with me! Anytime she and I are out and about together, you can bet it will be an adventure!

So we head over to the office and go inside. From there I proceed to sit down with the agency owner, our adoption coordinator and their notary. We go through all 13 documents, one by one, confirming they are all signed and notarized properly.

We then get into a discussion about Ethiopia and the situation there and how things are going. We talk about the major slow down in China, and although it is difficult for all of us adopting from there, the slowdown has definitely shed light on other countries and the desperate need to adopt all over the world. Our agency says that Africa is really on fire right now with more adoptions, so this is wonderful news!! Babies will be coming home!!

I was so happy that Mareba got to go with me and experience such an important day with me. It meant so much to have her sister in Christ. Like she said, it was like she was there for the ultrasound! I love that and I love her...

So in case I don't tell you enough, Mareba...I love you. Your friendship has truly been given to me from the hand of God.



Tymm said...

Wait - who is this strange woman posting on our blog? Oh wait - thats my wife, my co-author, my best friend!

Nice to see you here. And on the Mareba note - on a day that I couldn't be with you to do something as monumental as drop off our paperwork, i can't think of anyone else I'd want to be there with you than Mareba.

Thanks Mareba for all you do!!

Unknown said...

We are so thrilled for you guys. We too feel strongly that the ever extending China wait is turning heads and hearts to other countries such as Ethiopia. As hard as the China wait is on families, I am SO thrilled that babies in other countries will find homes too. Praise God for that!

We've always felt that we would adopt twice. Who knows where we'll be lead to go.

May God bless this process. We are following along and cheering for you!!!

Tymm said...

Thanks so much Mark & Rebecca!

Everyone talks about not dwelling on how long the wait is and making the best of it - God sure gave us something to fill that time with!

And look at you guys - the countdown is almost over and you're wait time will be filled a little bundle of joy.

How cool!