Sunday, November 11, 2007

13 Days

God showed up in our life last week. Don't get me wrong - He is here all the time - but He left behind some real deal evidence this time. I'm not talking about burning bushes and parting of oceans (though that would be really cool to see) - I'm talking about a practical every day thing that I would typically try to explain away when in reality I should really just say "Thanks God."

So on Friday, November 9th - which just so happened to be our 5th anniversary and my birthday - a walk to the mailbox produced the coolest gift we could have asked for. A white envelope from our friends at the Department of Homeland Security. It was our approval to bring our child home from Ethiopia. Nice, right? Here is where it gets cool - the USCIS received our application on October 24, 2007. They approved it on November 6, 2007. I'll do the math for you - that's 13 days! For those of you not deeply embedded in this international adoption world - this may mean nothing to you. But here in Atlanta - that process usually takes a lot longer. For example - our China petition took 76 days.

So needless to say we were a little excited about that. It really means everything is running smoothly and at this point all is kind of out of our hands (this form was the last thing we could keep in our control).

So HUGE thanks to God - for taking time off from running the universe and taking a part time job at the Atlanta USCIS office and really pushing our paperwork through. Big thanks to Jan at USCIS and Dick, Chaunda & Ellie from CCAI for all they did to expedite this process!


Unknown said...

That is certainly a God thing! Wow!

Great to see you briefly today.

Unknown said...

Awesome..I love GOd stories.. and you guys rock!!!

Found the site you were talking about Tymm!!

Anonymous said...

I came home from the Single Sisters
craft show as tired as one woman can be and still breathe. Then Laura called with the incredible news about the homeland security documents and
this granny got all wired up and excited about the possibility of my little grandchild coming SOON! It is a wonder I did not drown in the shower! I continue to be humbled by the amazing way the Lord has turned the pages of your adoptions. We are greatly blessed. IASGGGYTM,