Saturday, December 29, 2007

Loud and Clear

Tonight was one of those nights where God turned the amp all the way up to 10. Matter of fact, if you've seen Spinal Tap, you probably know what I mean when I say I think He turned it up to eleven. Anyway ya look at it - He was loud. And He was clear. And we were in awe (yet again).

The night started out pretty simple. We headed out to do what we had been putting off for a while - Register. Wow, what a tedious process. Wow, how many things does a little human need? I got to control the gun and in my head I was Jack Bauer in Season 2 busting terrorists - not Tymm in a baby store zapping piddle pads. Perception is reality people. And my altered perception got me through the next 3 hours.

Afterwards, we hit the first restaurant we could find because we were pretty hungry from our hard work busting terrorists. But the restauraunt was freezing - no joke - it was cold. Cold enough for us to leave to find somewhere else. We're not good at major decisions like "Where should we eat?" so we stumbled into the next closest place and took a seat. When I returned to the table from the restroom Laura said "Check out our waitress - I bet she is from Ethiopia. I am going to ask her where she is from." In case you don't know, that is not like Laura (or me for that matter). We have gazed at and admired adopted children from a distance but never really enaged anybody in conversation regarding their ethnicity before.

So when she came back to take drink orders Laura didn't waste any time asking "Do you mind if I ask where you are from?" Come to find out she was from Ethiopia and had been here for 6 years. We showed her pictures of our little guy and told her the 30 second version of our story. She was very happy for us and asked if we would bring him by there when we got home. Of course we will. Pretty cool, huh?

But it didn't end there.

After dinner we had another conversation with her regarding where she had lived in Ethiopia (Addis Ababa) and it was then that she offered her brother, who still lives in Ethiopia, as a guide for us when we are there. She gave us his cell phone number and everything. Then she invited us to attend her church on Sunday - a traditional Ethiopian church service. And of course we are going - wouldn't miss it! So we exchanged all of our contact information with this incredibly kind, incredibly generous woman who we had just met about 40 minutes earlier.

So you tell me - how cool is God? He placed us in a freezing restaurant to change our minds and then guides us to a different restaurant and directly to the tables of an Ethiopian woman. He gave Laura the courage to speak up and talk to this woman that she didn't know at all. Like I said the other day - there are no coincidences.

So now, because we somehow managed to hear God through the hustle bustle of registering and everything else clouding up our eyes and ears, we got to meet an incredibly nice woman from our son's homeland, we have yet another contact in Ethiopia and we'll be attending what will surely be a very cool Ethiopian church service on Sunday.

We are so thankful that we have a God who cares enough about us to stay with us all the time. We pray that we can continue to see His presence and follow His will throughout this whole process.

It's amazing what can happen when you let yourself be led by Him.


Anonymous said...

Another one of those coincidences, no obviously not. What a great story. It is another sign that God brings those people into your life when you are destined to meet. I have seen this in our lives so many times in the last year.

Glad to have more of your writings to read.


Kim said...

How cool was that meeting!? Just blows your mind sometimes when we realize what an awesome God we have. I can totally relate to the baby registering thing. My best friend took me and I looked like a dear caught in headlights. When BaBa went with me, he too thought himself to be super BaBa - only he was the good guy from Star Wars zapping everything in sight (including my bum) with the the gun. Great memories!

Laura said...

Yes, was an incredibly awesome night! God is so good and HERE!! I LOVE it!! Sorry for the tears in the Publix parking lot! :)


Paula said...

I agree, God brings people into our lives for a reason. There are no accidents. He is showing you that you are on the right path, His path for you!

Denise Bryant said...

Wow! That is really amazing. I hope you enjoy the church service tomorrow.

Handlyrics said...

Great Story


Anonymous said...

Dear Laura and Tymm,

This is Challa, husband of Masresha whom you met at the restaurant yesterday. What a coincidence! - we may think. As you have well explained, we consider many things a coincidence when God carefully planned and put together behind the scenes - in His mysterious and miraculous ways.

I thank God for what He has planted in your hearts and those of many others like you who open their arms, hearts, homes, finances, I mean everything and do the most good. I am so happy for you both and more so for the children you are adopting. I hope the day you hug and kiss them will come soon.

Many don't realize what a difference they are making in the life of such kids on the other side of the world. You are not turning a a chapter in their life and that of yours, but writing a new chapter with whole new content. This is not a coincidence at all - God brought these two kids in two different parts of the planet, and provided these wonderful caring and loving parents in yet another side.

I think I have to stop here, even though I did not want to. I would like to echo your thought that if we open our eyes we can see God's plan in every step of our way and we can hear Him say, "There is no coincidence" Loud and Clear.

God Bless you both! and we will see you tomorrow at the Church.

Anonymous said...

I will never huff and puff in another ice cold restaurant because I will remember how the Lord sent you on to a place to meet a lady from your little man's homeland. As I worship tomorrow, you will be in my thoughts and in my prayers. Praise God for a kind lady put into your path by a loving God!

Unknown said...

Oh my. God is blessing you every step of the way (and us too as we watch!). He cares about every detail. What a great story that demonstrates how God orchestrates seeminly unimportant events in your life. So glad you got cold in the first place!

Registering was VERY overwhelming to us. So glad you survived! Mark was halirious when we did it. He got so tired that he was randomly swiping anything in sight by the end!

We want to go to church with you too...or at least hear all about it. How incledible!