Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Plays, Eats & Sleeps Like a Baby

Monday seems to be a good day for us. Last Monday we received the best pictures we've ever seen in our lives. This Monday we received some updates on eBaby and a little bit of background information on him and his medical records. I used to hate Mondays - I am kind of starting to like them.

The medical records weren't complete as they need to draw some more of his blood for some additional testing but we were able to get some specs on our little man. He is weighing in at a whopping 8 pounds and 13 ounces! Someone took good care of this guy for his first month on this Earth - it doesnt look like he missed too many meals! He is also stretching out to a full 21.2 inches long.

So now we are praying that he is safe and comfortable. That someone is there to comfort him when he gets more blood drawn - it's hard to know that he is being poked and prodded and we're not able to be there with him. But God is. And honestly, that's better than us.

We are also praying for his birth parents. I simply can not fathom the range of feelings and emotions that they are going through right now. They loved and cared enough about this little guy to put him somewhere very near a hospital - probably with the hope that a caregiver would find him. I know how much our hearts yearn for him - so I can only imagine that his birth parents are hurting right now.

Oh - my favorite part of the medical report?

Describe Child's Behavior: Plays, eats and sleeps like a baby.

Isn't that the life?


Paula said...

How cute. He's a good size baby. It must be so exciting for you two to know that there is a little boy just waiting for you...

Unknown said...

thats awesome. we will praying for all of those involved in his care!!!!

Thanks for the updates on ebaby!

Unknown said...

Oohh, details! So glad that eBaby sounds like he is healthy. We are praying for all of you! He needs to get here soon to play with Sophie.

Anonymous said...

Hi There! I have an idea, let me know when you add to the journal so I can remove my mascara before reading it! And get a tissue! My pics of your "lil man" are really getting worn out. I know he looks just like me! Well, maybe not, but he is our darling boy.
Love to both of you and my prayers continue, sandra (mom)
aka Ebaby;s granny

Angela said...

I know you treasure any news about your baby boy! Can't wait to see him in your arms!

Donna said...

Isn't it just great to get info on YOUR baby boy! Praying for him daily :)

Handlyrics said...

With news like that every Monday, I would start Loving mondays too!!


Anonymous said...

What wonderful news!! He might think he's happy now....but just wait until he gets into his parent's loving arms! Oh my! All 3 of you are so blessed to have each other!