Tuesday, January 8, 2008



We have no update on the health of our baby, but we do now feel much better about the communication questions/issues with our agency. We had a 2 hour meeting with them today and talked openly about our questions and concerns. Our confidence in them is back...thank God.

Now we just need to point all our prayers to the baby and getting him well, strong and healthy.

We hope to hear something in the next couple of days on his status and will let you know what that is as soon as we can.

Thank you again for all your love, support and prayers.


Tymm and Laura


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this info. Praying for you and baby e and baby c and for your families who are sharing your worry..

Paula said...

Glad the communication opened up with the agency. We had a long talk with our agency today and they answered a lot of questions we had about the finaliztion of our adoption. Praying for ebaby!

Heidi Mehltretter said...

Bless you guys. I'm friends with Laura McGowan and I just want you to know that we have a group of close knit friends with Ethiopian kids praying for you and holding you in our hearts tonight.