Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day 3: Getting to Know You, Getting to Know all About You

We woke up to a ridiculous spread for breakfast - eggs, toast freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee. all served right to the door of our cottage - wait, check that - not the door - brought right in to our dining room table and set up for us. I'll tell you this much - circumstances may be different here (less resources, less money, etc) but these guys at this place put most US hotel staffs to shame.

And man did we need that power breakfast. Because see - Meron slept like a champion that night, but Laura and I slept about a combined hour between the two of us. I mean - we didn't know you could worry like that! Her crib wont fit in our room so it is butted right up to our door and Laura and I lay there in silence - just listening for every breath from her.

Meron woke around 8:30 after an awesome first night with us. 3 night-time feedings and diaper changes and she went back to sleep effortlessly every time. At the orphanage she was being fed every 3 hours and trust us - she is fully aware of her schedule and what time it is. Like clockwork.
We decided to just hang out today and get to know each other a little better. Meron is fighting a minor cold that has her a little congested and occasionaly coughing. Oh yeah - boogery nose. Who would have thought that kids this tiny could produce so many different bodily fluids?

In hindsight, we probably over-stimulated her today - but man - how hard is it not to?? We gave her some toys, played with her all day and made her the absolute center of the universe. She loved it - but she may have loved it too much as she got a bit cranky when it was time for a nap - which stressed us out a little bit - but all's well that ends well because no naps meant for a great nights sleep with her.
Emebet came by to visit for a brief moment and she said she would set up a doctor's appointment for us the next day because we were worrying about her cold, her loose poo, her poo frequency, her cough, her sneezes, her smile - basically anything we could worry about!

The day went by quick as we all just hung out - we have met some amazing people here and one of them, Arainey (slaughtered that spelling I am sure) let us borrow her adapter for our computer so we could get it charged up. We decided to order in dinner from the front desk and got some pizza from a nearby place that delivered it right to us.

All in all we had a great day. Here are a few things we learned about Meron and she learned about us:

  • she smiles when she wakes up (every single time!)
  • she can poo like a grown man on ExLax (direct quote from Laura!)
  • she is teething - and teething sucks
  • she enjoys diaper changes - a bit too much sometimes (rolling, giggling, grabbing diapers)
  • diaper changes are always a team effort - she gets both mom and dad
  • she doesn't have to hold her own bottle anymore

Thanks again for all the prayers, support, kind emails (we've read them - just havent had the bandwidth to respond to them all yet!) and everything else that you guys have done for us on this journey.

There is a special team of people taking care of our house and dogs right now and we want to send some extra-special thanks out to them. Thank you guys - we couldn't have done this without you.


Cristy said...

She is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations on your beautiful daughter! The joy is written all over your face- we are so thrilled for you!

Emy said...

I love seeing how happy all three of you are TOGETHER!!!

I love the sentence about how she'll never have to hold her own bottle again! So precious!

Aimee said...

So happy to hear about your trip. I love seeing little snippets of Brynly's old stomping grounds. REst up and enjoy that beautiful little girl.

Our family said...

Hope..that's what your words and pictures give us. Hope that we too will bring our boy home one day! Thanks for sharing your story, it is amazing, just like your new family!!


emily said...

Just the best posts-- seeing you all together is amazing!! :) God is so good!

Karen said...

Congratulations! Amilia says hi to her former crib mate! :-)

Lori said...

I hadn't checked in on you guys for a while and WOW! She's beautiful! Congratulations!

Unknown said...

Such fun details. Parenting is so packed with emotions....questions, concerns, funny times, and pure joy.