Monday, June 16, 2008

Day 4: Embassy, Blowouts and Teething - Oh My!

We woke up after a glorious night of bug-free sleep. The day before we had to request they bomb our cottage due to the mosquitos. Malaria isn't an issue here in Addis Ababa due to its altitude - but mosquito bites still itch and that sucks. So we were able to sleep much better - and after some intense prayers regarding the the inadequacies we are feeling as new parents, God granted us some rest from that as well. So God and bug-spray allowed for a smooth night of sleep.

Meron slept late today - almost until 9:30 - she had 12 hours of peaceful sleep that night - during one of her feedings and diaper changes I don't even think she woke up! But she still smiled.

Tenaye, Emebet's assistant, and Abraham the driver picked us up early to take us to Meron's doctor appointment. Dr. Sofie is the same doctor who does all of the embassy medical exams and she saw Brighton on occasion. She has also been Meron's pediatrician the whole time she has been here. The visit was smooth - it cost $5 but was worth millions in the peace of mind it gave us. Meron now weighs 17.2 pounds - her cough and congestion isn't serious (no meds needed) and her poo frequency is just fine. Whew! We have an appointment with her pediatrician in Atlanta the monday we get back but this visit bought us so much peace.

Outside of this visit, today was a big day for us. We had our embassy interview - the last real thing to knock out in the process. This consists of going to the US Embassy and turning in some MORE paperwork, paying for Meron's visa and answering some questions. Kinda stressful for us given that it is the only real barrier to getting home with our girl. Let me tell you how it became even more stressful.

The appointment was at 2:00 PM. Our driver picked us up at 2:03 PM. Stress from the get go. We were trying not to - but it aint easy. See - the Ethiopian culture is much more laid back than the USA one - but we were heading to US Territory and we just knew it was going to be the adoption equivalent of the DMV.

So we're 45 minutes late to our appointment. GULP! Now - what does our star of the day decide to do? About 10 minutes before they are going to call us in - Meron has a massive blow out. I'm talking a "stink up the entire waiting room" blow out. A "poo up the shirt and through 2 onesies" blowout (sorry Aunt Jen). An "Oh my God I didn't know that could happen!" blow out. So Laura and Tenaye head out to fix that and I am stuck waiting for our names to be called. while they are gone - they call for a representative from our agency. Since we're the only ones there from our agency I am assuming this is regarding us. So I nervously try to find Laura and crew to tell them we are up. Now we get up there and the DMV-style window agent is mad because one of our forms isn't right. Geesh...

To jump to the end - they asked us about 5 questions, simple ones, nothing involving higher math or spelling - and it ended with a "Congratulations." This was it. It was finally completely 100% legit. Our girl was coming home as a Hoffman!!

It was a big relief to leave the US Embassy and make it back to our lodge. It started raining (Praise God - they need it.) and it was going to be nice to just hang out again. WRONG! Someone's teeth had other plans. Meron was really hurting and nothing was helping her out - finally after some teething tablets, some baby Oragel and some Baby Tylenol - we decided to put her in the Baby Bjorn (amazing invention) and walk her around while we read emails in the lodge cafe. Thank you guys for all the emails - it gave us plenty to do while we walked her in cicrcles. she finally fell dead asleep and one of the remedies we tried must have kicked in (or a combo of them all).

After that it was ordered food and hanging out for laura and Me. Meron went down so well after being Baby-Bjorn-Bottled-and-Burped and had another wonderful night. And then it was movies and an Uno-marathon for us until finally turning in around 1:00 AM (we're still geeked up with the time change).

God has blessed us. Meron is an amazing, wonderful, miraculous, holy gift from Him - and He has eased this transition and smoothed it all out for us.

We are beyond thankful.


The Evans Family said...

Meron is absolutely gorgeous! Laura you look so calm and relaxed--like you've been a mom forever! Tymm your smile could not get any bigger!

Maria and Family said...

Oh my ! You guys look SOOOO happy. Your daughter is beautiful. :)

Jessica Perberg said...

love following your journey! Meron is so beautiful and we're so glad to hear everything is going so well! Congratulations!

emily said...

Thank you for the great updates! What a gift to those at home that have followed your journey and prayed for your family!! Keep them coming. :)

familyinflux said...

I am so enjoying reading about your journey to your daughter. She is beautiful and a true gift from God! We saw Dr. Sofie also. I'm glad Meron is feeling better and you have some peace of mind. Have a safe trip home!

Steph said...

We are enjoying reading all your updates. The blowouts are the best!
Your angel is perfect. We can't wait to meet her!

Unknown said...

Blowouts and teething? She certainly initiated her newbie parents!