Saturday, June 7, 2008


When you say "Yes!" to God whispering in your ear and allow Him to guide you it is amazing how He will provide for you. We have experienced this first hand.

God's provisions are perfect, on time and exactly what is needed. He knows what we need way before we need it. He wants us to rely on Him. So we went in to these adoptions with this mindset:

"Okay God - we are gonna follow you on this one - but you are going to have to provide for us. We're pretty independent folks but we aren't sure how much of this we can pull off on our own."
Man, did He ever provide.

We want to say thanks to everybody who got together with us to celebrate Meron and her upcoming arrival.
  • Our community group surprised us with a shower.
  • Laura's co-workers did the same thing.
  • An amazing group of people in North Carolina who have been praying their heads off for us got together and quite literally blessed our socks off with baby stuff, gifts and love.
  • Some friends we haven't seen in a while (but cherish very much) threw an amazing BBQ and we got to just hang out, celebrate Meron and enjoy company.
  • Our amazingly awesome adoption community threw an incredible shower for us and spoiled the heck out of us and Meron.
  • Family members far and near have showered us with generosity (all the while spoling Meron).
But God hasn't stopped there. We've had people give us money. We've had people be so moved by Brighton and his short life that they have hand-crafted gifts and asked us specifically to give them to Brighton's caregivers. We've had countless amounts of donations given to go to the orphanage.

I don't care what ya say people - that is all God at work. Providing. And the gifts are so appreciated but what has meant the absolute most to us is how many people have walked this journey with us. They have prayed for us. They have mourned with us. They have celebrated with us.

These are the things that have moved us to the very core and displayed God to us. These are the things that we see His hands in. A phone call. A prayer. Feeling that support. It has been the most amazing experience.

I can't even begin to list names because I know I'd forget something - but you guys know who you are. And for you - we are incredibly grateful. God used you. And you allowed Him to.

You guys are all way too cool.


Anonymous said...

God's road has been filled with twists and turns as you have journeyed to Brighton and to Meron. What a comfort to know He is there even when we, as humans, want Him to make the journey swift and easy! I am longing to see the first pictures of the three of you and to see you at the airport! So many are praying!
Mom aka the NC Granny

Unknown said...

ok the NC granny sounds like one special granny. You guys are loved and have encouraged so many with your faithfulness

Lisa said...

That is amazing what theyve done for you guys. This is all a part of the adoption process isn't it? You didn't get all of this help by is in fact a God thing as well as you two being faithful. All the best to you and your journey.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tymm & Laura!

I have not been in touch for a while. But I am glad to see the count down when I did. It is so exciting and I am so happy for you. May God continue to bless you!


Gwen Oatsvall said...

it is amazing what God's people can do when they get together ... i often don't share this, because i feel people get jealous or don't understand, but i know you will ... our entire first adoption was paid for by precious people of God .. yes, i said our entire adoption cost was paid ...GOD IS BIG AND REAL IN EVERYWAY ... i am praying for you everyday !!! go get that precious girl and give her hugs from all of us ...