Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Hospital: Day 1

So last night (Monday afternoon) Meron started showing some signs of what seemed like a nasty cold. Coughing, congestion, labored breathing. I was thinking it was just a cold - I read kids get them like 6-12 times their first year. But my better half is so much smarter than me. She set up an appointment for today, early in the morning. "Peace of mind" we said.

After about 2 minutes in the doctor's office and them listening to her they said "She isn't going home today." So here we are now at the hospital. Meron is on oxygen and having a pretty tough time breathing. But our typical little trooper doesn't even act like she's sick.

Right now we're not 100% sure what the diagnosis is. The orders said "bronchiolitis" and they are giving her chest x-rays and drawing some blood to take some more tests. If you would say a prayer for this little girl we would be so grateful.


Unknown said...

I have enjoyed catching up with Meron's aventures and hope that she is home again soon

Unknown said...

Oh guys, just got home. I'm calling today to see what we can do. Praying for Meron.

adrian.crawford said...

We're praying for her guys. But I don't understand, this says it was posted on Tuesday? I've checked here just yesterday and didn't see this post....so is she out then? Is she ok now?

emily said...

Praying for that baby girl. She is amazingly happy with an iv in her arm and oxygen in her nose! What a trooper.

Emily said...

Oh my...I can't believe all this happened over the last few days. I hope you guys are doing okay now! Let us know if you need anything!
I must say...even when sick, she is still one of the happiest and cutest!
-Emily, Chris and Noah

Special K said...

Saying a prayer for Meron.