Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why Christians Suck

Jesus might have harsh words for Christians today. Here's why...and what you can do about it.

That is how Tom Davis opens up a new article he recently wrote on the state of Christianity in America and how well we do as Christians in regards to some of the things Jesus said we should be doing.

His main focus is how we should be serving God by serving the least. But we aren't. We are not doing what we are suposed to be doing. I say "we" because I am right there with the worst of them. But God has spanked me lately. I feel Him talking directly to my heart. He has bypassed my brain (He saw pretty quickly that my brain couldn't get it) and He has started talking directly to my heart.

So go read this provocative article. Let it hit ya - and hurt ya. And tell me what you think about it. How can we be better at this?


Anonymous said...

Most excellent find.

I think I shall share this on my blog as well.

Hope all is well with the new little one.

Have a great day.

Paula said...

Great article and SO true. Whenever they give a sermon about tithing I can almost feel the bristling of peoples backs go up.
We all need to walk the walk if we're going to talk the talk.

polkadot said...
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Unknown said...

You guys were braver than I was with using the actual title. Provacative and true.

Mark and I are working on doing more. You have lots of blog readers. Your posts are making change.

RamblingMother said...


Gwen Oatsvall said...

i am off to read this article ... i am reading Tom Davis "Fields of the Fatherless" right now ... I agree and I am in the same boat ... Sorry, I haven't checked in lately ... God moving in the Oatsvall house right now ... So glad you are home and I am partnering w/you to get my butt out there and make a difference !!!!

adrian.crawford said...

While I'm in agreement with the premise of these kinds of articles, and there is a lot of this going around Christian circles, I feel the self-flagellation of the church has gotten way out of hand. The problem I have with the majority of these articles is they often don't get at the root of the problem. They talk about how bad we are and what we don't do to help others. But at its core is a spiritual issue. We can't will ourselves as sinful human beings to really give a flying crap about others consistently. Lets face it it's true. And many organizations out there want to make it easier for us by just telling us what we can do, what actions to take. This is helpful to a certain extent, but the true answer lies in our personal relationship with Christ that is hopefully deepening over time. Once we learn to abide in Christ more in every area of our lives the actions will be a natural outpouring of our faith. Leaving that piece out will just make us jaded and tired in trying to save the world.

Unknown said...

This is the type of thing that got us "off the pew" about 4 or 5 years back. It's great for Christians to realize that we spend more on dog food and Easter candy (yes, for "easter" bunny baskets to tell our kids what the bunny gave about what Christ gave them?!) than we do on the hungry neighbor next door...if we even let ourselves live near areas where people are hungry. We currently go to a church that struggles to find a consistent place to meet, let alone a place to hang a flat screen. All this after being at a church where the funds for VBS could marvel a Hollywood wedding. Although, it was the solid teaching of that church and the support of the Christians there (some of who are pretty loaded and have nice handbags) that planted the seeds for us to now be living in a very low income neighborhood and going to a church that takes no reflection for luxury. So what do I make of all that? After 2 mission trips to Brazil, 1 to Africa, and now living in a refugee community with people who are truly struggling I've concluded that we all are totally messed up. I see people who have barely 10 dollars to their name put most of that in our offering plate. I see full time missionaries spend their lives serving the poor just as Christ would and turn around to snub the rich person walking past them...who maybe is in desperate need of Christ inside, but not out. I see people who love Christ who are happy to hold a pee soaked baby, a drooling physically disabled refugee child, or minister to someone and have patience with a person who has radical religious ideals in some other religion, but not have a moments patience to lovingly share with elite Christians why Christ would do these things and why we should too. So, it's all messed up- and that's sin for ya. What can we do? The 2 greatest commandments...which by the way I'm convinced will take my whole life to get right because I, myself, am pretty far from perfecting them. 1) Love God will all my heart, soul, mind, and strength and 2) Love my neighbor as myself. That means put God before myself and be willing to serve and lay down my life for my poor one who has more mouths to feed than dollars in her pocket and my rich one who has more Coach bags than humanitarian thoughts on any given day. Thanks for sharing the's a long road for all of us to love as Christ did and we're better off once we put ourselves, our ideals, our passions and visions on the floor as our offering of palm branches for the true King to walk on. The more we fall on our faces before Him- the more that dirt gets rubbed into our eyes (the whole Jesus spit and dirt remedy for the blind man), that is how we end up seeing better what He sees each day. After so many miracles people were told to get up and move. So there we go- love God with every cell we have, love our neighbor enough to lay down our life for them, and get up and go... pretty simple, pretty impossible, and totally possible with Christ!

Sara said...

I shared the article with a number of people via email (including my pastor) and I haven't heard back from any of them. I hope the article ticked them off and got them thinking! One thing I'm going to do is become more service minded. Luckily, I work in a public school in a rural area and that allows me to love on kids 10 mo. out of the year, but I'd like to step out of that "comfort" zone and dig deeper. First on the agenda, Convoy of Hope. Maybe I'll see some of you there.