Sunday, August 31, 2008

Talking With God

For the past 12 weeks or so I have been involved in a weekly study on prayer. We have used a Philip Yancey book as a guide and really started dissecting prayer - does it matter? Can it change God? Can it change me? What does the bible say about it?

It has really affected my prayer life - and as I slowly understand it more and have my eyes opened to it I am realizing it is an incredbile gift God gave us - a means of chatting with Him - whenever and wherever we need to.

Tonight we put some of it into action. We had a group of good friends over - all of us yearning to know God in the best way we can - yearning to communicate more with Him. We hung out - we ate - we played with the kids. Then the kids went to one room and we were able to share with each other what was going on in each of our lives - where we needed prayer and where we had seen God and wanted to thank Him and share some praises with Him. Then we prayed. Nothing fancy. No "babbling like pagans." Just us talking to God. Talking with God.

This wasn't church-sponsored. No small group requirements or sunday school homework. Just people who love God getting together to talk with Him and each other. It really felt like what the bible tells us to do. Free from the distractions of "the church" we got to experience "church" to the fullest. It was pretty dope.

I am thankful for the friends who came over tonight to talk to God with us - you guys mean a whole lot to us and it is an incredible experience to share conversations with God amongst a group willing to be so real and authentic.

A few dipped out while some diapers were being changed and missed a spontaneous photo opp - not to worry - there will hopefully be plenty more of those to come.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mobile Meron

Friday, August 29, 2008

Crib Reunion

Last week, Meron's crib mate from her orphanage, Delylah, came home to Atlanta with her forever family. After a couple days of getting rested and adjusted we had the privilege of meeting her tonight over dinner.

What an incredibly cool thing for Meron and Delylah to have one another here so close to each other. Delylah looks great - she looks healthy and seems to be fitting right in with her family.

Welcome home Delylah. Welcome home.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

10 Month Check-up

Meron had her 10 month check-up today and we finally got to see how much she was clocking in at on the scale. My guess was 100-120 pounds - thats what she felt like when ya carried her around for a while (or pushed her for 6 miles in the woods).

I was wrong. She was a nice healthy 20 pounds and 27 inches tall/long. Doing good.

To keep things exciting for us - Meron decided to mysteriously bleed all over the place. After some investigative work on the parts of us, the nurse, the doctor - we found out she had grabbed the paper tape measure they use to measure her head and she gave herself a nasty little papercut on her finger.


That was nothing compared to the shots though - thank God we're caught up!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Puppy Love

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Meron's First 5.45 Miles

It's been kinda hectic/stressful around these parts this week - so tonight Meron and I got together and decided to send Mommy out with some friends for a girl's night out. She really needed it and I know it helped.

So what did we do, the two of us? What any dad who is hanging with his awesome daughter does of course - we pulled on the shorts, strapped on our running shoes and hit the trails.

I had to do 5 miles per my marathon training schedule so we hit the trails at the mountain and did our thing. I told Laura I would go as far as I could and if Meron got fussy we'd head back. Man - the only time she got fussy was when I stopped! We saw a friend out there running and we stopped to say hi - Meron promptly wrinkled her face up and screamed. All was well once we started rolling again.

Not only did we get my 5 miles in - we added another half on there. She loved it. And of course she was busy stealing hearts as usual. And the B.O.B. worked out great - but WHEW! - that is a serious workout. Meron is now no longer allowed to gain any more weight.

Or I gotta hit the gym.

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