Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hanging' With Laney


Angela said...

Hope we can hang out again soon! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have a confession to make: I'm totally hooked on this website! Its in the top 3 that I check 1st thing every morning (yes, even on Sunday). Is this some sort of illness? I just may have MERON-ITIS!

Anyway, its good to see these two precious Angels bonding. Laney is sooo cute :)

Take good care and get in as many kisses as possible.

Auntie Reba

Anonymous said...

Tymm and Laura,

Meron is as gorgeous as ever! I just found out on facebook that an old college friend is adopting from China so I gave him a link to your website (his name is Paul Issaacs). They are in Ohio, but maybe you can be support for each other!

Angela Gay

Anonymous said...

Oops . . . his name is Paul Isaacs (only one "s")