Thursday, August 21, 2008

Meron's First 5.45 Miles

It's been kinda hectic/stressful around these parts this week - so tonight Meron and I got together and decided to send Mommy out with some friends for a girl's night out. She really needed it and I know it helped.

So what did we do, the two of us? What any dad who is hanging with his awesome daughter does of course - we pulled on the shorts, strapped on our running shoes and hit the trails.

I had to do 5 miles per my marathon training schedule so we hit the trails at the mountain and did our thing. I told Laura I would go as far as I could and if Meron got fussy we'd head back. Man - the only time she got fussy was when I stopped! We saw a friend out there running and we stopped to say hi - Meron promptly wrinkled her face up and screamed. All was well once we started rolling again.

Not only did we get my 5 miles in - we added another half on there. She loved it. And of course she was busy stealing hearts as usual. And the B.O.B. worked out great - but WHEW! - that is a serious workout. Meron is now no longer allowed to gain any more weight.

Or I gotta hit the gym.


Unknown said...

Nothing like checking bloglines at 1:34 am at work and finding a picture of Miss Meron!

Unknown said...

So cool! I hope Mark and Sophs can join you someday. Go Meron, go....Oh yeah, Dad was the one one running through the woods pushing the giant stroller! Go Dad, go!

Sorry about the stress. We are happy to pray.

Anonymous said...

How funny! tony went running with evan last night. Too bad you guys were at different parks. haha
meron is getting cuter by the day!

Gwen Oatsvall said...

oh yeah ... Daddy/Daughter dates ... Looks like she got a workout in by smiling ... haven't checked for a while ... working on book, school, has started back for kids, and we entered the world of football w/ the boys ... Not sure what we were thinking ... I think my 10 year old accidentally got on an NFL team ... lol ... give hugs to your girls for me!!

Margaret M said...

She is so cute!!!! I love the all of the recent pictures!!!