Friday, September 12, 2008

Funshine Bear

We know very little about Meron's genealogy. But to be honest - that doesn't make her any different than me since I don't know much about mine either. I do know that she is right where God intended her to be though.

And I'd also be willing to bet that if ya dug deep enough - and went far enough back - you'd find some Care Bear DNA in her somewhere.

The girl just lights up a room. She steals hearts at every corner - throws smiles at anyone and waves at anything (alive or not). She has added another dimension to our household - to our life really - that we didn't even know was attainable.

I keep checking her belly and butt cheek for the tell-tale Care Bear stamps - nothing yet but I will let you know if anything shows up.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog rocks... so does your daughter! :)