Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Trust Fall

So we had our own little version of the "trust fall" this weekend. No - we didn't go on a church retreat or take part in a corporate team-building exercise. But what we did do was place Meron unsuspectingly at the top of a little plastic sliding board and sent her sailing down from mommy's arms to daddy's arms.

No big deal right? You kidding? Meron had never seen a sliding board. This may as well have been called the "big pink thing that mommy is about to push me down" board.

So how'd she do? She loved it. Big smiles. Big laughs. Multiple slides.

She trusts us. She really trusts us.


Angela said...

She did have big fun on the slide! :-)

Laura said...

I feel so thankful that God trusts US to care for and raise Meron. What a beautiful the Lord has created.

emily said...

She is so precious and getting so big!