Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby in a B.O.B. Bubble

Meron has had a little runny nose for the past couple of days. Nothing major really - and she is acting just fine - but never the less she has a good flow of nasal juice. We're not sure if it's her teeth, a cold or just gravity making that stuff come out.

Wouldn't really matter either except today - mommy was working late - the weather was cold and windy - and daddy had 10 miles he had to run.

Enter - the B.O.B. Bubble. Best thing ever. This masterpiece of invention hooks on to our B.O.B. running stroller and protects Meron from the elements.

The big thing today was the wind - not knowing what was up with her nose I didn't want her getting face-blasted with wind for 10 miles. Well - the B.O.B. Bubble worked like a champ and Meron knocked out her first 10 miler no problem. It's a little like pushing a small sailboat but we still knocked out 10 miles at a 7:45 pace. We'll get better...

We ended the night by going to hang out with some great friends for dinner and Meron got to finally meet some people that had been hearing about her story from the beginning.

Way to go Meron! Half-marathon is next!


Anonymous said...

I hope Meron's nose is feeling better! I love the "bubble" --- I bet she loved it, too!! :) Congrats on all your running!

Unknown said...

1. FYI-BOB's bubble may be defective. Evidence shows that some wind is getting in. It looks as though you were going so fast that both a shoe and a sock flew off.

2. You guys may be in trouble someday. Maron may have a need. A need for speed.