Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Birthdays

Meron got to go celebrate Laney's birthday on Saturday - and celebrate they did. They partied so hard Meron threw up not once, not twice, not 3 times - but 4 times. That's a good party. Or it's 2 new teeth coming in.

And last week - Meron got to celebrate the big 0-1 with her BFF Sophia - we didn't get any good pictures (our camera stinks) but check out Sophia's page for a good breakdown!

And right after that it was a quick nap in the car and off to get jiggy with it at another friend's party. Emma got her groove on at the park and Meron had a blast!

Happy Birthday Sophia, Emma and Laney! We love you guys and cherish your awesome friendships!


the heaths said...

that is a dope picture in her rockin visor, it's a keeper for sure!

Angela said...

Great pics, I'm going to have to snag them for my blog if ya don't mind. :-)

We are so glad that Meron was there for Laney's big day! She really is rockin' the ladybug visor. So cute!

Unknown said...

Good times! We are ready to party with Meron.

Unknown said...

your daughter is just too cute!