Saturday, November 8, 2008


That's what the marathon boiled down to. Survival. But I made it through it and am stoked to have completed it - from the training 16 weeks ago to finally running across that finish line.

Laura had worded it so well in an email she sent out to some family asking for prayer for us on this day. Prayer for us to remember why I was running (for Brighton) and for any pain that I felt to remind us of the pain we feel in our hearts for the orphans in this world.

Lemmee tell ya - between mile 21-26 - oh I felt pain. A lot of it. But ya know what? I was glad to do this and would do it again in a heartbeat because the cause is near and dear to us.

Big shout outs to my family - Laura and Meron. I have the best family ever. I do. I dare ya to dispute it. These guys were so supportive and came out with me even though they weren't running anything - but they came anyway to cheer me on, pray for me and be my support crew. Couldn't have done it without them both.

Also - Big Thanks to everybody who has donated to Running Hope. We have raised $650 so far but still have a way to go to hit $2,000. So feel free to visit - learn why we're Running for Brighton - and toss some cheddar in the bucket. You can help these orphans - you really can.

Next race - a chilly 10k in December followed up by a crazy steep 5k. Come on out and run with me!


M and M Nichols said...

Congrats to you, that is quite the accomplishment! And the cheering section does make the time pass by quicker! Now you can put your feet up and watch some football tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Way to go!! We are so very proud of you for running an amazing race. And we are proud of Laura and Meron for being there for you! Wish we could have seen you cross that finish line. Can't wait to hear more about it. What a fantastic cause! I know Brighton was watching and proud!! We are ready to support you at the Little Rock Marathon! :)
Love ya,
Stacy, James, Ansley & Will

Unknown said...

proud and totally impressed and inspired

Unknown said...

Great Job! Our Team is highly impressed. Looking forward to running with you for Brighton in the coming months. Finisher's Medal is pretty cool and the Medal Model is a cutie. Look forward to seeing you soon.


Angela said...

Congratulations! We knew you could do it! Big accomplishment for a big cause. :-)

corinne said...

Congrats! That is awesome that you did this run, for Brighton.
You and your family are amazing, you are right about your supporters. :o)
Hope to see you all the 22nd!
Corinne and family

Our family said...

Congrats Tymm! What an accompishment for such a good cause.


Mary and Yonas

RamblingMother said...

congrats to you for finishing. love the medal on the "buddah belleh." Too cute.