Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

Tonight we heard Santa Claus was making a short stop at an outdoor shopping center near us - so we packed up and headed over there to see if we could catch a glimpse of this busy guy.

Just so happened that we got there when nobody else was around - Meron was able to slide right in his lap and have her picture taken. Mom and dad only got to have our pictures taken with Meron but I did manage to whisper some stuff in Meron's ear for her to pass on to the jolly old giver with a servant's heart.

We'll see if he delivers!


Anonymous said...

How sweet all three of those pictures are -- love and miss you all!! Love, Aunt Stacy

Angela said...

Cute picture! Wish we could have joined you guys. Laney could probably use Meron's support. She's scared of the big guy! :-)

Anonymous said...

Tymm and Laura - Meron looks so grown up in her outfit with Santa! I cannot wait to see her! She is a cute little girl!
Nana loves you Meron!
Love, Nana in PA

RamblingMother said...

hey no tears Great!!

Got the first book last night from the publishers, since it was a kids book I finished it and reviewed it already!

Thanks again.