Sunday, December 21, 2008

Running For Brighton - Race #5

This morning I ran Race #5 in the series of 76 in honor of Brighton. I had no takers to accompany me on this one so I was flying solo.

It was just a 5k... right? Well here's the thing... I completely under estimated it. It may be the thoughest race I have ever run. It was harder than the marathon I ran last month - that's for sure.

And while I was running/suffering up that hill I started thinking... what a perfect race to run for Brighton and all the orphans out there. It was so indicative of how we sometimes see their situations. We often under estimate them.

"It's just a little 5k" could just have easily been me saying "It's just a little missed nutrition... they'll be okay." But the fact is - sometimes they are NOT okay. Brighton wasn't.

The magnitude of this "little 5k" really put things in to perspective for me today. Thanks God for making that "hill."

Wanna help bring an orphan home to a forever family? You can. And it's easy. Go here to support the Running For Brighton series of races!

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Unknown said...

Yikes. That looks tough. Good for you for taking such a challenge and letting God teach you, remind you and keep you focused. Thanks for sharing and running.