Monday, January 19, 2009

Get Out Ya Seat and Jump Around...

With Tech closed today to celebrate MLK Day - Laura got the rare opportunity to hang out with us on a Monday. Meron loves when this happens and so do I.

Last time Meron and I hit KangaZoom sans Laura - so we made an impromptu decision to head over there so mommy could jump around a bit with Meron.

We all had a blast and Meron slept like Rip Van Winkle in her afternoon nap.


Anonymous said...

That last pic just FLOORS me with the insane levels of cuteness in that smile... and those eyes!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you please put some info on this blog about how to get involved with "Running for Brighton", for sponsoring a child in Ethiopia, and how to help with the orphanage being built in Ethiopia. I would like to help but not sure how to go about it. All those little "Merons" and "Brightons" need families! Tell us how to help please.