Monday, January 5, 2009

Sharin' Meron

Meron's Aunt Stacy and Uncle James both teach sunday school classes out in Arkansas. While we were out there visiting we had the privilege of combining their classes on the Sunday after Christmas and sharing a bit of our story with them.

It was an awesome opportunity to share about Ethiopia, God, Brighton and to brag on our girl a little bit! Laura is so put together and good at these kind of things - she knocked it out the park. She wanted to tie it all back in to something the kids could take away - so she talked about the hard things that God calls us to do sometimes.

The kids were so interested too - we were impressed! They asked great questions - had great comments and showed a true interest in the whole thing. At the end - one of their teachers asked for 5 people to offer what they got out of it - and they had great responses - including "wanting to go do mission work in Ethiopia."

I really hope that happens Henry!

Thanks for letting us take over your classes for a day and share some of our story, Brighton's story, Meron's story - and God's story. We really enjoyed it and hope everyone there did too!


Unknown said...

what a really neat experience

Unknown said...

What a neat thing. I am sure you touched some teen hearts.