Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pway Pease...

We've been praying with Meron since the moment she was placed in our arms. I mean - we've been mentally praying with her for a LONG time before that even - but physically we pray before every meal and every night as a family before she goes "night night."

Well - it is just so cool to see it all paying off and to watch her begin to develop a healthy habit of prayer. Yeah - sure - you could argue she has no idea what she's doing and she's just copying us - but here's the kicker - we don't clasp our hands hardly ever - we hold hands. So why did she start doing that? I dunno.

Regardless of whether she's copying mom and dad or communicating with God in that tiny little head of hers - there is nothing more precious than when she clasps her hands together and looks at us and says "Pway pway... pease?"

And ya wanna know what? We think we're teaching her so much - but this little girl has taught us how to come to God in such an open and simple and honest manner. We pray for the whole day - we pray for mommy traveling to work - we pray for blessed food and blessed health. We pray for friends and family. We pray for her pal Abe almost every single day. It's all very simple.

Her eagerness and desire to do it before every single meal is inspiring. It reminds me of the eagerness, simplicity and passion of the young kids praying in South Africa.

Say what you will about her copying us versus actually desiring to speak with God. But there is something absolutely holy about her doing it. And I hope it never, ever changes.

Thank you God for using Meron to teach us a valuable lesson... that you don't care about the words we use or the way we pray. You just want to hear from us!


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emily said...

Ok, so this made me cry. We are so blessed to have dear friends (feel that to be so true, even though we have never met in person) come along side us and pray! The kids still use Meron as the "marker" for which Abe needs to catch up too- just too precious how He has knit our hearts. Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

so very sweet, she is just growing and learning so much everyday. and thank goodness she has awesome parents like you to teach and show her the way. xo-kelli

naenae91899 said...

What amazing testament and how heart warming!!! YOu guys are so lucky to be so blessed but the best part is you don't miss a thing you see God's blessing and embrace it from the big things to the lil details talk about living life to the fullest!

M and M Nichols said...

What a beautiful post! I think it also teaches us that God speaks to even the youngest in his own special way and how much they listen! I pray that is something she takes with her for the rest of her life.