Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I ♥ Faces - Pouting and Pets

It's that time again. The "I ♥ Faces" website weekly photo contest. Not that I think I would ever stand a chance of winning but it's just fun and gives me a theme for the pictures we take. After posting at least a picture a day since we've been back - the inspiration is helpful!

This week's entry was to be Pouting and then one about Pets. Tough one for us - Meron hardly ever pouts. I'm serious. One for goofy smiles? We'd have millions to choose from. But pouting? Not so many.

So here's an oldie but goodie from last year. It's our old camera so it's not as nice looking - but her face cracks me up. And our pet shot is in memory of one of my best friends ever - Sir Sandler Archie Moses.

Check out the "I ♥ Faces" website for tons of cool and amazing photographs!


maggiemae and family said...

cute cute cute. love both pics :)

Clive and Dawn said...

Our son hardly pouts either, she is just adorable, I LOVE her expression. And I love dogs, what an original name too, I love it. Great photos.

Anonymous said...

Such good pictures!! We love Meron and we miss Sandler! What a special dog he was ... I will never forget the time I had to go let him in from the rain! ha ha!
Aunt Stacy & the Arkansas crew

the heaths said...

Both great pictures and I love Sir Sandler, sweet boy!

Unknown said...

These pictures are both fantastic! I adore that little cutie - probably one of the cutest babies EVER :-) the dog shot is great too!