Friday, March 6, 2009

Jesse's Girl...

Tonight's weather was perfect weather to be outside in - lucky for us our great friends Scott and Kelli invited us over for a cookout on their back deck!

We had great food and great fun just hanging out. We played some corn toss, hung out and had a great dinner. The neighbor's dog - Jesse - came and hung out too. He was FASCINATED with Meron. He is such a big, gentle giant of a Golden and it was awesome to see him interact with Meron. I think he would have taken her home if we would have let him!

Scott and Kelli - thanks so much for having us over and for always being so kind and loving to all of us! You guys are the coolest and we are blessed regularly by your friendship!


Anonymous said...

this weather is amazing!! i can't believe it was snowing last weekend?!

we are breaking out the corn toss today also :)

the heaths said...

I love this, we had such a great time and we too are blessed to have the Hoffman family in our lives. Love you!