Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Cousin On The Scene

Yesterday morning Meron's cousin crew grew by 1 when Amelia was born! Aunt Wendy is doing fine and Meron couldn't wait to welcome Amelia aboard the earth!

We look forward to meeting you Amelia!


Anonymous said...

Thanks guys! She can't wait to meet you either.

Wendy, Scott, Sammy, and Amelia

Anonymous said...

Nana is here and Amelia is beautiful! It just makes one feel so good inside to hold a newborn baby and realize the cycle of life God gives unto us.

Sammy, big brother and I are bonding tonight here at home...he is a good boy!

I am so blessed with all my grandchildren!

Love to you all - Nana

Anonymous said...

So sweet!!

Love, Aunt Stacy