Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our Blessings

I've been thinking about Brighton a lot lately. I'm not sure why - it could be that Meron has really taken to saying "bruh bruh" and waving to his picture. Ask her "Where's Brighton? Where's your brother?" and she will gladly point out his picture.

Or maybe it was the loss of Kennedy that has brought him front and center in my thoughts. Either way - he's in the front of my mind - and that's a place I like him.

We attended a memorial service tonight for our friend's daughter. What a way to honor her short yet impactful life. God has brought us together with these guys for a very specific reason and I am excited to see what He does with us.

Guys - it was beautiful. The words you spoke. The bible verses that were read. The singing that was sung. It was all beautiful.

I left there tonight feeling overwhelmingly blessed by both my son and my daughter. God has been incredibly good to us and sometimes I still can't believe He chose us to walk this walk with Him.

Check out some early pics of our children - I LOVE that Meron is wearing the same outfit Brighton had on in his picture... too cool.

Brighton... Meron... we love you guys!

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Unknown said...

Man, our hearts go out to your friends and to you. Didn't know that you had pictures of both kids in the same shirt.