Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blessed By Our Family

We just wrapped up a study on spiritual warfare and protecting our family against spiritual attacks. I fully believe there are forces at work against us as we choose to stand up as Christians and attempt to glorify God in our day to day lives. This study gave some good insight and ideas on ways to protect our family against those attacks.

One of the questions today was "When have you experienced God working miraculously to protect your family?" And at first I thought - "Well, have I?" And that initial response is just indicative of how much we take for granted - because of course I have!

So tonight - I took a second to take a step back and look at my family. How it came to be. Where we all came from. Where we're going. Me, Laura, Brighton, Meron... we're all examples of God working miraculously to not only build - but to protect our family as well.

I feel blessed to have been chosen by God to be part of this family. His will is so much better than anything I could have chosen. I am going to choose to remember that every time I look in the eyes of this little bundle of joy!


Jessica said...

We have one more week of this topic. Interesting that both of our churches are teaching on the same topic. Yesterday's was really fantastic (Eph. 13-17). We aren't going out into the world unprotected, He has provided everything we need!

Gwen Oatsvall said...

i do honestly believe we are constantly under attack and looking back i can see many times when God stepped in and protected us even though at the time it didn't appear that way... it is like our lives are a beautiful tapestry, but unfortunately we sometimes only look at the back of the tapestry which looks very messy and not the work of ART that Christ is creating w/ in our families ...

blessings friends