Sunday, May 24, 2009

God's Good Hands...

Meron had a rough day today. She's got a little head cold from her first week of school. She has two molars busting through her gums. And this morning she shut her fingers in our bedroom door - we've been waiting for that one to happen (we have a little door shutter on our hands).

But none of that sent us to the hospital. Nope - it was the nose dive Little Miss Knievel decided to do off of her changing table. A full somersault and a 10.0 landing - on her head.

With the "9-1.." already dialed and our finger hovering over the "1" - we watched our girl to see what was going on. She cried for about 30 seconds. And then she was her goofy self. Running. Playing. Eating. Pooping. Eating. Yelling. Laughing. Did I mention eating?

We opted against 911 - but instead packed up and headed to Children's Healthcare. On a Sunday. On a holiday weekend. 3 hours later we saw a doctor who checked out Miss Knievel and put our minds at ease. She was fine - but he asked us to wake her up every three hours while she slept for the next 24 hours. Just to be safe.

We are a praying bunch here - we do it a lot. As soon as we decided against 911, we huddled as a family in the hall and asked God for protection and everything to be okay. And after our doc visit - we huddled in the car and thanked God for taking care of us. And we believe that is EXACTLY what happened. One inch here or there and this would be a different kind of post.

We fully, 100% believe that God caught Meron and placed her gently on the ground. And we are beyond thankful. God has some good hands - He would definitely be a Yankee if He ever chose to play major league ball.

Meron is doing fine by the way. I am about to go do a "shake and wake" but so far today so good - she has been her normal self. Her parents? That's another story. There's been tears - hugs - more tears. We know that God gave us a precious gift - and we scared ourselves today.

Thanks yet again God for stepping in on our behalf...


glenna said...

so glad she's ok. that had to be soooo scary!!! hugs!

Unknown said...

Missed you at church and so glad to hear she is safe. I know you must have been scared but our God had all of you in his hands

Anonymous said...

That is what happens to children and to parents - accidents - no one's fault - just an accident! Hope you remember it as such - don't knock yourself over with guilt - I did that and somedays I still do it if I remember how my precious little boy Timothy fell off of his changing table in a quick split of a second years ago!
I have that memory in my head clear as can be after 35 plus years!
Glad all is well! Remember that part!

Unknown said...

We missed you last night. Sorry to read about Meron's rough day. Yikes! We've had the changing table nose dive as well. Very scarey. Glad she is well.

That Evil K picture is too stinkin' HALIRIOUS. Definately a framer...poster size!

Anonymous said...

Glad she is doing okay. I am sure with the amount of love she has surrounding her she is doing great

emily said...

Poor baby girl- glad she is ok.

Really awesome magazine pic though.

Darn those Yankees- darn them. Today is another day. You should have come yesterday, it would have been fun for you, miserable for us! :)