Monday, May 4, 2009

One year ago today...

I know I do not post very often, Tymm is so good at expressing both of our feelings so beautifully, but today I just had to write.

I was reading back over our site and taking a peak at what was going on last May around this time. On this day, May 4th, 2008, we received the joyful news that Meron had been released from the hospital and all signs of her pneumonia were gone.

I remember that call like it was yesterday and feel the chill bumps come as the memories rush over me. We were in such a scary place at that time, full of fear, longing, anxiety, hope and desperation to just be near our daughter.

I look at her sweet little face now, as she calls out "Mama" and my heart aches for the time in her life when she cried out and I could not come.

Who knew that this little girl would open the floodgates of my heart to help all little ones that are like she once was?

My mom often talks about Meron's "after" picture, once she came home and got healthy and full of mommy and daddy's love. Every child deserves there "after" picture.

God is doing great things in our lives. He is showing us how we can help make "after" pictures a orphan at a time.

More to come from us soon on how you can help, too.


Carol G said...

I understand how you are feeling. It is hard to imagine that sweet girl all alone and sick, and I'm glad it's in the past! I have only seen happy photos of Meron. In fact, I always check this site to see that smiling face before I go to bed. You can't help but smile when you see her!!

Anonymous said...

Little Brighton and Little Kennedy never had "after" pictures. Perhaps baby formula made full strength and not watered down would have nourished them enough to get them to their forever families. Please consider supporting the Tom Davis plea for formula that is in Tymm's blog today. How can we happy, healthy American Christians let babies in Ethiopia starve?
NC Granny