Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Year Ago

One year ago today we were in a much different place. Still hurting from the loss of Brighton - still questioning God on what, where, why - still praying daily, nightly and almost by the hour for Meron's safety and health.

At 9:43 AM on that day a year ago though - things changed forever for our family. A simple email from our agency letting us know we passed court immediately changed the dynamics of our family. We were officially Meron's parents. We were a "party of three!"

As usual - Laura said it so well in an email to me today as she remembered that day and how she felt:

I remember the exact moment when you called me. I was at the Fox Theater, working a conference, way too pumped up on caffeine. I was pacing the lobby - waiting, waiting, waiting... waiting on the news if Meron was ours or not.

Then my cell rang. The sweetest words I had ever heard were spoken. "Hello, Meron's Mommy!" I lost it... she was ours! My empty arms would soon be filled and my heartache over the loss of Brighton was healing... healed by those simple words: "Meron's Mommy."

May 21st, 2008 - the day we officially became a family - the day my life started to make sense.

Thank you God - for wrecking my life then lifting me up.


Unknown said...

What a blessing hse has been.

angie said...

happy family day :)

Unknown said...

Yeah for a special anniversary and thanks for making me cry again

About Us said...

Tears are in my eyes. Your guys are awesome. God is Great!!! What an amazing testimony, and it is not over yet.

emily said...