Friday, May 1, 2009

Why Blog?

Why do we blog? Why take the time? The energy? Here's one reason...

Today we got an email from somebody who had found our blog about 3 weeks ago. Somebody with a beautiful name and an even more beautiful heart for God. Somebody with a passion for adoption - and for good reason. Somebody who 8 years ago was adopted from an orphanage in Ethiopia by a loving family here in the United States.

This young girl is in her first year of college - but she is wise beyond her years. She spoke some of the kindest words we had heard and her passion for her family and her 9 siblings (all adopted) was so obvious in her writing. She acknowledged our son. She was thrilled about our next adoption. Bottom line - she got it.

Days like this - when God plucks up one person a couple thousand miles away and places them in the cross-hairs of another's life - they don't happen a lot. But when they do - and we have the discernment to see them - they are incredible.

God didn't send us to Emory and then to China only to end up in Africa - simply to grow our family. I mean - don't get me wrong - He knew our desires - and He fulfilled them and then some - but He had his plans for us too. And one son, one daughter and two hearts broken wide open later - here we stand. Staring at James 1:27 asking God "Where? When? How?"

And just when we might be wondering if we're on the right track - He sends a messenger in the purest form of a young girl from Ethiopia who reads our blog. A young girl who Meron WILL be one day. What a gift. What a friendship to have. What an amazing resource. Thank you God - for that email today.

Without our blog, there is very little chance that our paths would have ever crossed. That's just one of the many reasons we do this...


Unknown said...

Oh, man. That is incredible. Can't wait to hear more. What a gift that email sounds like, and what a gift your blog is.

Although our situations are different, we blog for some of the same reasons.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Tizita said...

Wow! that't is all i can say. That was beutfully writen. WOW!!!