Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Post-Bath, Pre-Bed

I realized tonight that I have an absolute favorite time of the day with Meron. Don't get me wrong - every second we get to hang out is precious to me and I cherish it all.

But tonight as I finished up her bath and was rubbing lotion in while doing "nose to nose" with her and getting endless hugs - it hit me. That little pocket of time right after bath and before bed is absolutely unbeatable! She has had her milk (we do it earlier now), she's clean and smelling great, she's a little sleepy and very loving. And I love it.

These pics are a good idea of what we're usually looking at during this time!

Laura and I split these duties pretty evenly and I bet she'd agree that this time is some of the best. Meron - Mommy and Daddy love ya all day girl but wouldn't trade this time together for anything!

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Tizita said...

i'm sorry i haven't been posting much. but that doesn't mean that i'm not reading and keeping up with Meron. i just have to say that Meron has got the prittiest hair i have ever seen. seriously that is one beautful hair!!!!! You are blessed Meroooon!