Friday, August 21, 2009

Can Ya Pray With Us?

This morning we were anxious - we were praying for our good friends, Team Alexander. Today was a special day. It was their court date (and not their first). They had been having some issues getting through court and today was really important - they were back in court on the LAST day that court would be open before shutting down for the rainy season.

They didn't clear court today - and our hearts were breaking for them this evening. We know this pain they are feeling. This out of control wait is full of pain.

I don't have enough room on all of the web to tell you how much this incredible family means to us. They've cruised right up beside us and prayed us through some tough times - and we fully plan to do the same thing for them.

Can you say a prayer for these guys? Please...?


Unknown said...

Will do. I can't imagine how disappointed they are. Such a neat family.

Anonymous said...

Team Alexander, you are in my prayers and will continue to be till I hear from Tymm that all is well. God loves you and so do I,
Tymm's mom in PA.