Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hair-do Rodeo...

I love Meron's hair. Simply love it. Maybe it's cuz I am follically-challenged... i dunno. I just love hers.

But I stink at "doing" her hair. I need to work on it. I want to be better at it. But for now - when it's hair-do time - I am relegated to playing the role of rodeo clown - donning striped pants and running back and forth in front of her to distract her while mommy knocks out the "do."

I'll get better Meron. I promise!


the heaths said...

totally thought it was a cigar, ha! love me some meron hair as well!

Anonymous said...

Whew! I thought she had
taken up smoking those smelly
cigars! Tymm, want a class at
beautician school for Christmas?
You are a great Dad hairdo or not.
NC Granny