Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh! There You Is...

While we were up in New Jersey, Meron got to really have some fun with her cousin Sammy. The last time they were together Meron was just a wee one and they couldn't have the fun they had this time. Running around. Playing chase. Hugging.

Favorite Sammy Quote? Well - Meron and the rest of us were staying at a different house than Sammy - and apparently Sammy woke up looking for Meron. So... when he got over to where we were staying, he climbed the stairs, saw Meron standing there and said:

"Meron! Ohhhh... there you is!"
Love it!


Anonymous said...

Love the hug picture! Meron gives a good hug it looks like!

Love, Nana in PA

Ansley said...

that is the BEST! "oh there you is!" I rememeber coming up the stairs right behind Sammy hearing him say that. it was great. :)