Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Little Helper

Meron is quite the helper around the house... always has been. Her latest love? "Trash." She's quick to find it, point it out, announce it and throw it away.

Ya better hope it's trash and if it's not... ya better be quick!


Jennifer said...

If ever anything goes missing, check the trash! :-)

M and M Nichols said...

Carter loves the trash too but he has expanded his circle to include recycling - which he calls "e-cycle". He knows which is the paper bin and which is the glass/plastic bin, only 2 and so environmentally conscious!

Unknown said...

What a good helper!

Pretty impressive trash can pic. We aren't going to ask.

The obsession at our house is sweeping. Watch out if you are at our house after a meal, as the broom handles are flying all over the place. She carries TWO!