Monday, October 5, 2009

Running For Brighton - Race #12

I got up early Saturday and hopped on a plane to Washington D.C. with our pal Mark to run the Army 10-miler. I was barely even gone for 30 hours - but what an adventure!

The race itself was incredible - from the fly-by of the Blackhawks to the running of the Wounded Warriors... there was no shortage of inspiration! And running through our nation's capital got me thinking and just thanking God for the freedoms we are given each and every single day...

And wouldn't ya know it - my mind wandered off on it's own to the topic of orphans (the very reaosn I run these races to start with) - and I started thinking about their freedoms. Freedom for them is a little time out of their crib in the sun. Or living past 5 years old. Or God-willing... finding a family to love them forever.

Wanna help support an orphan and get them past the challenging first few months of life? You can - and it's easy!

I used to direct all of our fundraising to Running Hope and I trust they used it well - over the first 11 races we raised over $1,000 for their organization. THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY WHO DONATED!

But we still have 64 more races (one for each day of Brighton's life)and we have decided to start focusing more on the Brighton-Kennedy Foundation.

So check out the website and become a fan of the Brighton-Kennedy Foundation on Facebook! Together - we can make some changes!!

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