Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Blast From the Past...

Tonight was the first Christmas Eve we spent in GA as a family. As long as I have known Laura we have always packed up and headed to NC a day or two before Christmas - but this year we wanted to start some Camp Hoffman traditions of our own.

This would also be the first time we got to experience Christmas Eve service at our church. And though it was great and God definitely showed up - the real gem came afterwards when we were picking Meron up from the nursery.

Some of you might remember this post - when we met an awesome Ethiopian woman that lived near us. Or you might be familiar with this post - when we met her and her beautiful family at their church and attended a service with them.

That was almost 2 years ago - we had gone back by the restaurant where we met Masresha - but were told she no longer worked there. We were bummed.

Well - tonight as we were exiting the nursery amidst like 7 billion other people I hear someone say to me "Is that Meron?" and I looked up to see Masresha, her husband Challa and their 3 kids.

What?!?! Yep - they had come to our church for Christmas Eve service! To make a long sappy story short - we were thrilled to be reunited with our friends and to meet their newest addition! We made sure we had contact info this time around and I for one plan on staying in a little better touch!

Once again - God stuck us where we needed to be when we needed to be there. Thanks God - for the joy of reunited friends on Christmas Eve!

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