Saturday, December 5, 2009

Get Out Your Seat and Jump Around!

Last night was the 1st Brighton-Kennedy Jump-A-Thon! We held it at one of those inflatable bouncy jumpy places (the owners are awesome - so go check them out) and we had a blast! Thank you so much to everybody who came out and jumped with us, ate pizza with us and donated!

We had a great turn out and we got to spread some awareness, raise some money for the Brighton-Kennedy Foundation and let people know about our passion for this group of the least of His - the orphans.

It was really cool to just sit back and watch all these kids running, sliding, jumping and having a great time without a care in the world... but more than once my mind wandered to the kids in Ethiopia. The little ones - who at such a tender young age already have more cares and concerns on their shoulders than most of us ever will.

We've seen this. We know of it. We now HAVE to do something about it.

If you want to help us in our fight to get these orphans through that ever so important first year with good quality formula - think about partnering up with the Brighton-Kennedy Foundation.

You absolutely can make a difference.


Unknown said...

We'll jump for BKF anytime!

angie said...

very cool! how can we get shirts of our own?!

i see a fundraiser in the making!! give us the info :)

the heaths said...

What an awesome night, we truly had a blast playing with all these wonderful children for such an amazing cause. Can we do it every Friday night?