Monday, February 22, 2010

Hearts of Youth

Around the end of last year I tossed out a challenge to my niece and nephew. They live right outside of Little Rock and I don't get to see them enough so I challenged them:

"You guys raise 50 cans of formula for the foundation and I'll drive out to get them and hang out with ya!
Well - fast forward 40 days and let me just say this - Laura, Meron and I returned home today with a truck full of formula. Over $4,000 worth of it!

My niece took the challenge to the youth at her church - who partnered up with adult classes and turned it into a competition. Here's just a sampling of what they accomplished:
  • enough dry formula to make 41,140 ounces of liquid formula
  • that is roughly 6,857 6 oz. bottles
  • At 5 bottles per day - that is enough food for 1,371 DAYS!!
  • These kids basically just fed 3 orphans 5 meals a day for over a year!

    I think I need to repeat that... These kids basically just fed 3 orphans 5 meals a day for over a year!

    Ansley, Will and the rest of the incredible kids at First United Methodist Church in Conway, AR - we love you! You guys deserve a huge round of applause!

    You've been an inspiration to us and it has been a huge blessing to partner with you on this! May God bless you guys for stepping out in faith and following His lead!


    Thurieyyah said...

    These kids are great!!!

    Anonymous said...

    What an amazing way to put your faith in action! Hats off to the youth group of First Methodist Church in Conway. Your work will help little ones live, grow and thrive. Great job!
    NC Granny

    Unknown said...

    Way to go Ansley, Will and friends! That is a beautiful site, and a beautiful thing. What a shining example of service and love for the teens in their lives! Love it!

    Emy said...

    Wow! Amazing!

    Angela said...

    Awesome! What an impact they are making. Love the picture of the cross with formula. Says it all!

    * said...

    That is AMAZING! Love to see youth getting involved!

    Aimee said...


    the heaths said...

    What a blessing all around, great job Ansley and Will!

    NaCole said...

    Too awesome. Brought tears to my eyes.