Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Poo Poo Potty Party

Meron has been sort of potty training off and on for the past couple months. She's shown some interest and we have worked with her but we haven't really pushed the issue too hard. We have however introduced her to M&M's which are her reward for a successful trip to the can.

Well - giant steps call for giant rewards. In the last 2 days Meron has used the potty 11 times - both at school and at home!

11 successful trips to the potty definitely called for bypassing the M&M's and going straight to a trip for some ice cream!

And to top it all off - tonight when she finished her 11th visit - she looked at me and said "I so proud of you daddy!"

And I of you Meron. Indeed...


Carol G said...

What a brilliant idea! I wish I'd thought of it all those years ago! Too late for me, but not for you!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Meron!! We are proud of you!!
Aunt Stacy, Uncle James, Ansley & Will

Angela said...

Way to go, Meron!! You are such a big girl! :-)

Anonymous said...

Way to go potty girl!! We are proud of you up here in New Jersey!!
Aunt Wendy, Uncle Scotty, and Cousins Sammy and Amelia =)