Friday, February 26, 2010

Running For Brighton - Race #15

While we were out in Conway picking up the loads of baby formula - I got the rare opportunity to run a 5k with my nephew. The morning of the race he was diagnosed with strep throat. But after some rest and some gigantic pills from the doc - he was determined to run it.

As we ran - I kept checking on him - asking him if he needed to stop, rest, drink water, etc. And like God almost always does - He took my mind to the orphans - and it just really struck me that they don't have anybody to ask them the things I was asking Will. They struggle day in day out - through sickness and health - on their own.

Wanna help change that? Wanna help support an orphan and get them past the challenging first few months of life? You can - and it's easy!

Go check out the Brighton-Kennedy Foundation wesbite, become a fan of the Brighton-Kennedy Foundation on Facebook or donate to help us with our mission! Together - we can make some changes!!

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