Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yellow Guy

A few weeks ago, Meron and I were leaving Kohl's empty handed when she spotted the Kohl's Cares for Kids stuffed animals. She wanted one. Or maybe I wanted her to want one because I love Dr. Seuss. Let's blame her...

So she wanted one. I was pushing for the whale from the "If I ran the circus" book. He was just bulbous and cool. But not Meron. She said "I want that yellow guy."

"Are you sure," I asked. "Want yellow guy!!" was her LOUD response. So we grabbed the yellow guy (I still don't know his name) from "Oh the thinks you can think!" book. That was about all we heard about him for a while.

Fast forward 3 weeks - life is all about yellow guy now. He's everywhere. We're brushing his teeth. He's going potty. He's getting prayed for. He's getting shots and boo-boos fixed. He eats dinner. He watches Meron eat dinner. He goes out with us.

I drew the line at him coming in the tub with her.

I dunno what it is - maybe it's because I am a big stuffed animal fan - but I love that she loves yellow guy so much. I hope she hangs on to that love for a while!


fuzzandfuzzlet said...

Tip of the day..... buy a duplicate ( or two) while they are still easy to find. In the event Yellow Guy 1 is lost you don`t want to resort to ebay to buy Yellow Guy 2 at a jacked up price.

Unknown said...

Halirious! Poor little guy has to sleep in the crisper drawer?

Extra points for using the word "bulbous" in a blog post.

Cindy said...

LOL..In the fridge : )

I have switched your blog to Gladney. Thanks for letting me know! I appreciate it!