Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Emebet Reunion

When she walked in the door I was surprised at how hard the emotions hit me. I looked at her, slightly overwhelmed by all of the families waiting to greet her. I looked at Laura - tears welling in her eyes.

There in the flesh was Emebet - one of the only connections to our son. One of the few who held him for us when we couldn't. One who mourned with us when he went home.

She also played a pivotal role in bringing Meron home. Caring for her, holding her and helping us navigate the sometimes muddy legal waters of an international adoption!

Suffices to say Emebet was a gigantic influence on our family growth and we love her! She is the one and only reason we stayed with the agency we used and it was a huge blessing and privilege to go hang out and enjoy some Ethiopian food with her while she was in Atlanta.

Meron got to hang out with some of her buddies and old crib-mates and I'm pretty sure she had a blast!

Emebet - we love you and are forever grateful for the special care and handling you gave us as our family grew. Can't wait to see you again!


Anonymous said...

What a special visit and a special person! I loved reading this. It gives me chills to think of everyone meeting her for lunch and just enjoying each others company. Although it brings tears to my eyes, it is comforting to know she got to hold and love Brighton for you. God bless Emebet.
Aunt Stacy

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for people like Emebet who look after the orphans of this world. Her loving heart is an inspiration to many, bringing little ones home to loving families and comfort to families who never get to hold their babies before they go on to Christ. We need more people like Emebet but perhaps each and everyone of us needs to do something whether large or small for the millions and millions of orphans in this world. Let's all be workers a little like Emebet.
NC Granny

the Omans said...

Emebet...a true angel.

Angela said...

What a special reunion!

Unknown said...

What beautiful images, and what a beautiful person. We too thank Emebet for caring for Brighton and for bringing us Meron. So glad that you got to see her and let her hold Meron.

emily said...

The emotions are pretty high over here today too as we celebrate Abe's 2nd birthday!!

Sweet visit for you guys.

Anonymous said...

One of God's angels on earth.

love, mom

Aimee said...

Because of her...we are all family.