Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Magic Princess Hat

Oh the things I never thought I'd learn about.

Laura does an amazing job with Meron's hair - don't ask me how - cuz I stink at it. She hooks her up with cute pig tails, pony tails, little puffs and every now and then we'll have someone put some dope braids in it.

We recently got schooled on how to keep her do looking good longer and how to keep her hair from getting frizzled, frazzled and broken.

Enter the daddy dope night cap! Also known as the "Magic Princess Hat" it is supposed to keep her hair healthier and less crazy from sleeping on it. So tonight, after convincing her it was magic and she had to wear it cuz she was a princess - we sang her a few songs and then she said:

"Magic Princess hat go night-night with me."
Indeed Meron! And she even put in a prayer request for the hat too. I think we may have won!


Unknown said...

Oh, man. Glad you guys are getting schooled up on all this and can pass along the info!

Angela said...

She looks cute in her magic princess hat!

Anonymous said...

She looks precious! And she looks like she would fit right in at Aunt Stacy's work!! ha ha!!
Aunt Stacy

Robbins' Nest said...

Ok, I'm going to need you all to email me with tips and tricks that you learn along the way! I have no idea where to begin!! she's cute as always.